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Torchlight Not Coming to PSN

Several months ago I tweeted back and forth with an employee from Runic Games asking if we would ever see Torchlight on the PSN, due to a podcast where they stated that porting Torchlight to a console wasn’t out of the question. I even asked them if we would see it on the PS3 and was informed that it is something that the team is thinking about but can’t guarantee anything due to the size of the team. Well it appears that we can all forget about it, after learning that the game will hit XBLA within the month or so I quickly asked if PS3 users will be getting the game on the PSN around the same time, only to get the following response:

@LouPetridish no current plans whatsoever for PSN


Runic Games Bringing Torchlight to the PS3?

If any of you have ever had the chance to play Diablo, or Diablo II on the PC, you’d know how epic it would be to have something like that on the PS3. I think a game like Torchlight would fit the bill. Now this game wasn’t created by Blizzard, but it was created by some of the bright minds who used to work there so they have tons of experience building these type of games. Don’t believe me? Check out the video:

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