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Awesome Twisted Metal Contest

Sony is doing one of the most Epic contests ever! Twisted Metal is landing on Valentines day, and they’ve now given us the opportunity to blow up Sweet Tooth’s truck, for real!

This has to be the best marketing promotion ever. To enter, simply visit for rules and details.


Send In The Clowns | Twisted Metal Coverage & Super Awesome Giveaway! [Update]

Production value.

I got it in spades. Theme music and high quality props are what you get when Foo Productions takes over. As you can tell with the picture, I wrote everyone’s name down and carefully sliced those into tabs – all about the same size – wanted to make it as fair as possible.

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David Jaffe Planning To Depart From Eat Sleep Play

As the PS3 exclusive combat racer prepares to ship this month Eat Sleep Play co-founder David Jaffe revealed his plans to depart from the company.

Scott Campbell broke the news during an interview with The Salt Lake Tribune stating that Jaffe is leaving the company the two of them created to tackle the casual market. When the story made waves online, Jaffe took to Twitter to explain his reasons for leaving ESP, his plans to continue supporting Twisted Metal and what’s ahead.

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Twisted Metal EU Release Delayed

Many of us Europeans looked forward to a bloody good time on Valentine’s Day, and now, all of us will be disappointed. David Jaffe, the co-director and co-lead designer behind Twisted Metal, has recently made an announcement that the EU version’s release date will have to be pushed up to a date that he (at the time) was not even aware of, though he did speculate that it will be some time in March. The main reason for this delay is the stricter censorship laws in some of the EU countries, like for example Germany. These laws will force the team to cut some of it’s content, but as David Jaffe himself stated:

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