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Games You Should Look Forward To In 2012

Bye Bye 2011, you were truly amazing in terms of first party exclusives and surprisingly good titles. It was a non-stop party ’til the very end. I’ve battled the Helghast on planet Helghan, jumped off a plane in Rub’ al Khali, journeyed through the Mississippi river to New York City looking for a way to save humanity, undergone augmentation to survive a vicious attack, base jumped off a cliff in Damavand Peak and climbed 600 stairs to the top of a mountain called the Throat of the World, searching for my destiny. I salute you 2011, but times have come for a new year and new games to look forward to.

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First Printings Of Twisted Metal Will Include Twisted Metal: Black

Title says it all. It will include a voucher for a digital download of the classic PS2 title Twisted Metal: Black. That was one of my favorite PS2 titles honestly. It won’t be the online version of TM:Black though. But it does have 4 player split screen so you can battle it out with your friends locally.

I played Twisted Metal at E3 several times and they have done a amazing job. It will be released on Valentines Day, 2012 and I’m picking it up day one! How about you?


[UPDATE] Twisted Metal Trailer Featuring Dollface and a New Release Date!!

Gamespot just released this exclusive new Twisted Metal trailer featuring Dollface. WOW!! That was intense!

[UPDATE] Twisted Metal also just got a new released date of Valentine’s Day, Feb 14th, 2012. Check out the video below to see the announcement from David Jaffe!!
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Twisted Metal Delayed!

David Jaffe, Co-Founder of Eat Sleep Play Studio, confirmed via PlayStation Blog that his new game Twisted Metal will be delayed from its original release date and possibly will ship early 2012.

We’re not shipping Twisted Metal October 4th, 2011. We’re going to miss our date. We’re going to be late.

Jaffe talked about putting together a fantastic Twisted Metal build ready for Gamescom and PAX. He also confirmed that they will be showing off a brand new level called Thrills & Spills Amusement Park.


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