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Two Worlds 2: Screams of Pain!! Large Splashes of Blood!! and Bondage??

Injured enemies grunt or scream in pain and emit large splashes of blood that stain the ground; some attacks result in bone-crunching sound effects.” Doesn’t that sound like a blast!! Two Worlds 2 ESRB official rating summary has been released and provides me with even more anticipation for this great looking game. It will be released on Jan. 25 for the PS3.

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Sordahon’s Journey – THE MUSICAL Hits Screens Near You!

As you may remember the last time we saw our favorite villain Sordahon, he decided to cut the cord and follow his own destiny. But what’s to come of this misunderstood soul? Take a look at Episode V to find out.


Two Worlds II Needs More Polish, TopWare Cries Foul!

A couple of days ago we reported that Two Worlds II would be delayed until January due to some more polish. According to SouthPeak Games, the North American Publisher they wanted to make sure that the game is the best that it can be before it’s released into the wild.

News has surfaced from TopWare Interactive, the company making Two Worlds II along with developer Reality Pump that the game has been finished and is ready to roll out, at least that’s what they told Gamespot. TopWare also went on to say that:

SouthPeak’s decision was actually made due to an exceptionally crowded 2010 holiday season of RPGs.

Those that live in Europe might be happy to know that the delay in North America shouldn’t effect you at all. Zuxxez, the European Publisher still plans to release the game in a handful of territories on the 21st of October.


Two Worlds II Pushed Back till Jan 2011

SouthPeaks highly anticipated game, Two Worlds II has officially been pushed to January so that they can make 100% sure that the game is flawless upon release. This is by far the best reason for any game to be released in my opinion. The official press release is below.
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