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[Review] Uncharted: Drake’s Journal by Nolan North

Our favorite voice actor, Nolan North, has written a book sharing his experiences on the set of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. Uncharted: Drake’s Journal is not a Nolan North biography; it is an exclusive, behind-the-scenes book about the creation of Uncharted 3 from his perspective. The book was published by Nolan’s company, Gamespheres.

The book is huge, measuring 9.25×12 inches, and features over 1,000 hi-resolution images, photos and artwork on 128 pages. There are also more than 50 QR codes linking to exclusive video clips, most featuring behind the scenes mocap. Some are actually pretty funny, and portray Nolan North’s great sense of humor. You can click on these QR codes in the book preview below and see a couple of them.
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UNCHARTED Greatest Hits DualPack to release next week

For those of you that still haven’t taken the Uncharted series out for a spin I’ve got GREAT news that will make you happy:

$40 will get you two very good games PLUS all the DLC, bells, whistles and extras of UC2 AND two pieces of DLC for Uncharted 3! Is this enough to get you to try what is the best new IP in Sony’s small list of franchises?

Look for this on Tuesday, September 6th. You can buy it right here to make things easier!


LTTP: Uncharted Eye of Indra

I passed up on this when it first came out in October of 2009 and I’m not really sure as to why. My interest was re-sparked recently when I happened across a Facebook Poll of which female character you would like to see in Uncharted 3. The winner just happened to be a character by the name of Rika. Imagine my surprise that when an unknown character wins a poll to my favorite game this generation. The only thing I could think was that I’m a horrible fan! Well I’ve corrected the err to my ways and I purchased the motion comic from PSN. Its a 4 part bundle that also comes with new skins for Uncharted 2 multiplayer for $2.50.

While short overall, Uncharted: Eye of Indra leads you on a great adventure that takes place before Uncharted 1. Using the same voice actors from the game, I was completely enthralled and watched all 4 episodes all at once.

I suggest that anyone who passed up on this little gem to go back and make this purchase. You will not be disappointed.


First Episode of UNCHARTED: Eye of Indra on PSN Today

The first episode of UNCHARTED: Eye of Indra will be released on the PlayStation Store later today. It’s a four part episode Motion Comic and the story takes place before Uncharted 1. First episode will be FREE! The rest of it will be out in November, and it seems like they are planning a bonus for people that buy them. No word on the cost yet.

For those unfamiliar with them, a Motion Comic is essentially an animated comic book – you watch it like a movie. Characters move, there’s some 3D effects, and cool panel transitions. Expect some of your favorite characters and voice-actors from the UNCHARTED universe to show up throughout the story. Other than Nolan North reprising his role as Nathan Drake, I can’t announce who else shows up in the story as that’ll spoil some of the fun.


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