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Warhawk Home Space and more

Check out the video for how the Warhawk Sand Table works. It’s a pretty cool concept. The space itself is pretty cool to. Hopefully this spurs a lot more Home Spaces in the future.

There is a deal on Warhawk now too. It’s only $19.99 and you can pick up all the booster packs for $9.99. Pretty good deal. Special pricing ends on March 11th.

Warhawk Command Center Goes Live in PlayStation Home Today!

I’m hope Killzone 2 patches in Home support asap! At the very least game launching support. It’s strange how they have home costumes for Killzone 2 and not support anything else in home.


Warhawk 1.50 Patch Out

Warhawk 1.50 – It’s out in Europe and North America. I just downloaded it a few minutes ago. The main things it added are a training mode, custom soundtracks and trophies.

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Warhawk: Operation: Fallen Star (Jetpacks!)

o.O Wow, those Jetpacks look like so much fun. The new level looks amazing as well. And this all arrives along with Trophie support on Aug 28th. Looks like I’ll be getting back into Warhawk again :)

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Warhawk v1.4 Update

Warhawk v1.4 Update “Free Gameplay Modes!!” The 1.4 update is coming out tomorrow and it contains 2 new gameplay modes! And it’s free! (No trophy support yet, but it’s coming. And you won’t have to buy the DLC content packs to get the platinum trophy.)


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