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White Knight Chronicles 2 Review

Avatar Creation

The Avatar creation process is full of many unique options. You have full control of your in game Avatar from every feature of the face to the body. There is even a Monster Hunter type voice option where you can chose how he or she will grunt and grown. The story still centers around Leonard, but your Avatar will be with your party from the begging just like the first game. For those of you new to the series, your Avatar is your main character that will be used in Multilayer. The game still allows you to use whichever character you want during single player, but who’s going to pass up on changing into the White Knight?

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White Knight Chronicles 2 Q&A

White Knight Chronicles was an excellent RPG with an amazing Multiplayer component. The village mode in the first one was so simple and yet so very deep. Did you miss the first installment? Don’t worry, as part 2 and 1 ship on the same Blu-ray disc! The Sony Blog sat down with the director Yoshiaki Kusuda to get the details behind this excellent series.

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White Knight Chronicles II is Confirmed for NA

According to IGN, White Knight Chronicles II publisher, D3, has just confirmed the the game will be released in the US next summer.

They also promise a remastered copy of White Knight Chronicles to be included with all sold copies of the game.

You can check some screenshots after the jump (and the source for literally hundreds more):

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