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WipEout HD coming to Blu-Ray.


WipEout HD is going to released on October 16th in Europe on a Blu-Ray disc, which will also include the Fury add on content. A perfect time to jump on board if you haven’t already with the price in the Platinum range of £20. No word on a version outside of Europe but it should be region free allowing you to import with no trouble.


3D Gaming coming to all PS3 Games in 2010

Below is a video of a PS3 Slim running custom firmware to enable Wipeout HD to run in 3D. A software update will be available sometime in 2010 to enable 3D gaming on the PS3. Now I’m sure not every game will be in 3D, but I assume most.

The console itself pumps out a quite regular signal over HDMI, which the TV syncs up with your 3D glasses. A 200Hz TV, for instance, alternates 1080p frames, with 100Hz for each eye.

My current HDTV is 120Hz, so I guess I won’t be able to enjoy 3D gaming. Are there any 200Hz HDTV’s on the market now? I haven’t looked at tv’s for a while. What games would you like to see in 3D?

PS3’s new 3D mode captured on video, coming in 2010 to all existing games

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In-game Ads Prolong Load Times.

whd ad image
Double Fusion signed a deal with Sony to introduce in game ads. Not so bad, I can deal with an ad board here and there but wait till you see what it does to loads times in this Wipeout HD video. Luckily a Sony spokesperson confirmed it will no longer be implemented in the US version;

“The ad has been removed from WipEout HD and we are investigating the situation to ensure that any in-game advertising does not affect gameplay,”

I hope this is something they can figure out or just scrap altogether in future.

From Eurogamer.


How Wipeout HD manages 1080p at 60FPS.

How did Studio Liverpool manage to make Wipeout HD on the PS3?

We use smoke and mirrors

Ok ok so that’s not actually how it works. Its far more complicated than that. Studio Liverpool were interviewed by Digital Foundry and revealed some interesting facts about how Wipeout HD is made, they also explain why no PS1 era tracks have made it into the title yet too. The full article can be read here but don’t blame me when you get confused by vectors, shadow-mapping and pre-processed PVS Data…



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