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NIS America Weekend Update (on a Thursday)

Disgaea 4 will be released on September 6th and in case you want to get the awesome Premium Box Edition you better pre-order NOW… but if you’ve got even more money to spare then you can go directly to the NIS America Store and buy the even awesome-r edition that is exclusive to the online store!

And for those of us that bought Atelier Rorona last year, the next game in the series is now officially double-pinky swear confirmed for release on September 27th both in a regular edition and a premium box (love you NIS America)! No details of the box have been made public (guess they want us to buy Disgaea 4 first) so we’ll have an update as soon as that information is available but if it’s like the one we got for Atelier Rorona then they can have my $60 right now. Remember kids, we ALWAYS find money to spend on Collector’s Editions!


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