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X-Men Origins: Wolverine Review


I got this game just before I went to see the Wolverine movie, which I give 4 out of 6 claws. I won’t get into that here unless you want to in the comments. I played it for about 20 minutes before I left to see the movie. So I got to see the intro CGI cut scene. Which was awesome, gory too.

The lunge attack is fun, you can cover a long distance very quickly. After you connect with your enemy can link into 3 different attacks: a throw, a jumping claw stab, or go into the mount position with several repeated stabs to the chest. Last is my favorite, it looks very brutal.

Real time healing is a real treat to see and a first for a Wolverine game. You can even see his adamantium skeleton if he gets hurt enough. It shows bullet holes, knife gashes, etc. I wish you could zoom in to see it in more detail. Only way to do that is to stand still and rotate the camera just right.

It’s tough to kill Wolverine actually, which is how it should be. If the action gets to intense you can just find a quite spot for a bit to heal up before you jump back into battle. Which thankfully doesn’t take to long to heal.

Puzzles are in the game, they do make you think. But aren’t to difficult. I like scaling walls with Wolverine. Wish you could do it on any wall though, ah well.
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X-Men Origins: Wolverine – Gamestop Pre-order Bonus

I haven’t pre-ordered this at Gamestop yet. But I think I will today. The “danger room” looks very fun. I think this is the first video with blood too. As a big Wolverine fan I’m looking forward to this game, it’s been a while since the last Wolverine game. Anyone else getting this?

X-Men Origins Wolverine Cover

Here are all the details:

Custom Combat Arena: This huge space lets players select any combination of enemies from within the game, beam them into the arena, and attempt to defeat them. Face ten hulking Leviathans or a blend of towering W.E.N.D.I.G.O. Prototypes, Machete Champions, and Machine gunners. It gives players endless permutations of exciting battles.

Environmental Kill room: This large room features small set-ups of each of the various environments found within the main game. All of these environments contain sharp objects on which Wolverine can impale his enemies. By pushing a red button, players can teleport in a group of soldiers and to see them creatively skewered.

Ladder Challenge room: This features an array of teleportation disks against the far wall. Pushing a red button will cause a group of enemies to beam into the room. Each time the red button is pushed, the enemies get tougher and more numerous, laddering up the challenge for Wolverine.

Dismemberment Room: Using a control panel, this room lets players select various limbs and body parts on a holographic soldier. Once the selections are locked in, the soldier appears in a tiled room viewed and the selected limbs are severed with spectacular results.

I was secretly hoping that there would be an option to have Wolverine claws in PlayStation Home, lol. Ah, well. I have my real ones at home.

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Wolverine vs Sentinel, Wolverine vs Gabmit

Check out this new footage from X-Men Origins : Wolverine. The sentinel fight scene looks like fun :)

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X-Men Origins:Wolverine – The first true Wolverine game.

Spoiler below


You get to fight a 200 foot tall Sentinel! Hopefully you can climb on him and cut him to pieces. I like they are going the violent route with Wolverine. That’s how Wolverine is, true he’s a Hero, but he is still a killer. You can rips enemies to shreds in gory detail. If your wondering where all the gore is in the screenshots and trailers, there is none. Not sure why they are holding back showing us that, can’t be much worse than God of War violence.

Anyway, I’m still looking forward to it. They actually took some of the game story and put it into the actual movie. Not sure if that’s good or not yet, lol. Honestly I’m not getting my hopes up to high for the movie. But the game, I’m excited for. Oh, and my chops looks better than the sound designer 😛

Joystiq hands-on: X-Men Origins: Wolverine

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