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Pre-Alpha For Dungeon Defenders II To Release Next Week On PlayStation 4

Dungeon Defenders 2

Trendy Entertainment has announced that they’ll be launching a Pre-Alpha build of Dungeon Defenders II on PlayStation 4. A Pre-Alpha build means that the game is still very much in development and that the content and game mechanics are far from final. The good thing about it is that the game will be a free release, but since it will be supported by micro transactions, this will definitely not be everyone’s cup of tea.

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Blood Bowl 2 Rises To Action On PS4

Blood Bowl 2

If you’ve always wanted to play a turn-based football game with orcs, dwarves and other magical creatures, then you’re going to love Blood Bowl 2 on PlayStation 4! The game is now available for you to download, and we have the trailer for this crazy game right here.


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Last Episode For Life is Strange Will Be Released On October 20

Final Life Is Strange Episode

According to the official Square Enix blog, the last episode of Life is Strange (titled Polarized) is set for release on October 20th!

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Sci-fi Horror Game SOMA Now Available on PlayStation 4


Frictional Games has relased a new story trailer for SOMA, their new PlayStation 4 now available for download on Sony’s console. Check out the video below and let us know if you’re getting the game!

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