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Vita Update v1.80 Will Let You Play These PSOne Monkey Paw Games On Your Vita Tomorrow!

MonkeyPaw Games has announced that once Vita Update v1.80 goes live tomorrow, some of their PSOne Classics will be playable on Sony’s new portable. The full list of PSOne releases from MonkeyPaw Games to be playable on PS®Vita tomorrow is as follows:

Vanguard Bandits
Arc the Lad
Arc the Lad II

“With these fine classics soon available on PS®Vita, gamers will have access to our best RPG and action titles,” said John Greiner, president of MonkeyPaw Games. “Games like Tomba!, Arc the Lad and Alundra are a blast to play on the go. And now gamers can easily share these classic PlayStation® experiences with their friends.”


Releases for the Week (June 18th-24th)

Did E3 end already? Mmm, think something was missing. Oh well. PS3 and Vita each get one new release this week, and one of them will allow you to get a free ticket to see the movie on which it is based.

On PSN, we get two retail games now available for digital purchase, as well as PSOne Classic Tomba from Monkey Paw Games, and Magic the Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013… and we can now FINALLY manually tap land! No more having to deal with the AI auto-tapping your land, no sir. Now, you’re playing with power!

No minis or PS2 classics this week, so be sure to plan accordingly.

Full list of releases, as soon as you click!

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Tomba! will be released on PSN on June 19!


The wait will soon be over! Monkey Paw Games has announced that PSX classic Tomba! (a great game that made it over here in such limited quantities, it was almost as if it had never been released) will finally be available once again in the US once the PSN store updates on June 19!
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Tomba! to Land on PSN This Summer!

According to Joystiq, this Summer, the States (well, North America in general) will be getting Tomba! on PSN as a PSOne Classic download. A European release will follow down the line. Here’s an excerpt about the licensing and why it is finally coming stateside, via MonkeyPaw CEO, John Greiner :

Sony and MonkeyPaw have a good working relationship. I think they appreciate the titles we’ve brought to the Store. And they value the support we give the games. Having a plethora of Japanese content is a distinct advantage PlayStation has over Xbox. But the games still need to be brought Stateside. So our model helps Sony spread their Japanese edge and we help Japanese developers get their titles to a wider audience. Hence, Sony is willing to work with us on titles that may not have otherwise been licensed out. Support is key.

As for Tomba 2, Greiner has stated that they will need to sell enough downloads of the first title to be able to extend their publishing license to the sequel. This was one of my favorite titles, so I will likely have to pick it up when I get the chance.

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