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Releases for the Week (November 28th-December 4th)

Know what’s a great way to celebrate the week after thanksgiving? With no retail releases for either PS3 or PSP! That’s right, this week you’ll all have to make do with offerings from the digital realm of gaming entertainment.

The highlight for the week is the Sly Collection being made available on the PSN Store either in a bundle or as separate purchases. Price is the same in the end (actually, it’s $0.03 more expensive in the bundle) and you can choose to get one of the 3 games or go all the way and the the collection itself. This is great news for those that can’t track a physical copy of the digital release as it was released with a very small print run.

On the other hand… we get a Voltron game! Indeed, the 80’s are back in style!

What made the cut for this week? Let’s find out!

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Releases for the Week (November 21th-27th)

After the huge number of releases from last week (both at retail and on the PSN store) we HAD to know this week would scale back things and dole out just a couple of games so we can actually have enough time to play catch up with our backlog (mine goes all the way back to 2009!).

Because of that, we’re left with the following brekdown: 3 retail releases, 2 new PSN releases, 2 former retail-only releases finding their way to the PSN store, 1 PSOne Classic, 3 minis and a single “I am Alive” presentation of a PSP Digital-only release (Cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooorpse Party!).

Want to know what will be out there for you to spend some money on so close to thanksgiving? Full list after the break.

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Releases for the Week (November 14th-20th)

Halfway point has been reached and thus the retail releases start to pile up along with some digital stocking stuffers of Christmas past and present (sorry, nothing from Christmas future yet. Will get back to you on that one ASAP) that want to fight it out for our end of the year gaming budget.

The new Assassin’s Creed brings us a nice bonus thanks to the huge amount of space available on Bluray discs: the original Assassin’s Creed is included, absolutely free! Dead Space 2 gave us a port of the excellent Wii entry of the franchise (Dead Space Extraction) and Bioshock Infinite will give us a free copy of the first Bioshock (which is great since I didn’t get the DLC challenge rooms last time and now I can finally get 100% of all trophies).

What did you pre-order? How much are you willing to spend this week?

Full list of releases after the break:
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Releases for the Week (November 7th-13th)

PS2 is back and here to stay! Apparently the older catalog offerings are getting a lot of sales as we’re now into the THIRD set of PS2 releases made available on the PSN Store. This time around Full Spectrum Warrior and Stuntman Ignition get a chance to shine again at the very enticing $9.99 price point. Enough to convince you or is something else holding you back?

Remember, all content bought BEFORE November 18th, 2011 will still be playable in up to 5 PS3 or PSP devices (depending on if it’s a minis, PS2, PSX or PSN release) and after that date you’re down to only two activations. Guess it’s time to do some pre-holiday shopping rush!

Step right up and see how this is a wonderful week for gaming!

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