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Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Brochure

Kojima Productions tweeted this picture today along with the following text;

仕事に戻ります。 本人の証明〜コナミスタイル限定に付く、パンフレットの1ページです。今、仕上がりのチェックしているところ。

which google translates to;

“Return to work. Limited proof of his style ~ Konami sticks to the one page brochure. Now, I have to check the finish.”

So there you have it, a sneak (pun intended) peak at the brochure for the upcoming Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, looks like you can see some metal gears as well as plenty of snake so not much new info but hey, it beats their usual posts about their meals…


Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Delayed

Don’t worry! It only affects Japan where it has been pushed back by just over a month to April 29th, MGS:PW will still be released late May in Europe and the US.

The game was originally penciled in for March 18 in Japan, but will not be released on April 29. The Western release dates will not be affected: the game will still be released on May 27 in Europe (May 28 in the UK) and on May 25 in the US.


I’m still working my way through the demo so expect some impressions on pant viewing and cloned Snakes soon.

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Metal Gear Solid “Piece Walker” Web Game

Metal Gear Solid “Piece Walker” is a online jigsaw puzzle battle. I played the game a little, kinda fun :) Via Joystiq


Metal Gear Solid “Piece” Walker?

Hideo Kojima is at it again, teasing us with another mystery image on his website. My guess is DLC for Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker. Probably small missions, or VR missions even. What you you think “Piece” Walker is?

Metal Gear Solid Piece Walker | MGS Peace Walker

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