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Releases for the Week (May 7th-13th)

After all the releases from last week, it was only logical that everything would slow down for a bit during the second week of May. With E3 only a month away, it seems that companies are allocating all resources to the event instead of getting some games to retail.

What can we expect from this week? There is supposed to be a nice sale to go along with mother’s day (wonder how THAT list of games will look like), and we DO get Starhawk, which I’m sure plenty of you have been expecting.

Other than that, we get Datura, a very interesting project from the studio that brought us Linger in Shadows, that is bound to be a unique experience you really shouldn’t miss.

To round things up, we get two previously retail only games as digital releases, as well as a single minis.

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Releases for the Week (April 30th-May 6th)

April has decided it is time to say goodbye, and is opening the door for May to wreak havoc on our wallets.

As was the case last week, there is only one PS3 retail release, but it is joined by one Vita upgraded port of a former PS3 game.

The PS2 Classic series has two new releases, and Awesomenauts might/might not release this week since the publisher just filed for bankruptcy (why they didn’t wait until AFTER the game released, I do not know). Let’s not forget that Awesomenauts is set to be free for all PS+ subscribers, so I do hope things are sorted out.

To round things up, we also have one minis release (Floating Cloud God Saves The Pilgrims), which basically means that the PSOne Classics label is the only one not invited to the party this time around… what? Legend of Dragoon is releasing this week as well? Ok, forget all other releases, buy Legend of Dragoon the second after the store updates!

Full list of releases, after the break!

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[minis Review] Idiot Squad

Farmer Ben is angry! His ewes were finally ready for the village’s annual competition, but the Chuck brothers stole them last night to make sure he has no chance of winning. Ben is determined to get them back. He has formed a special commando to enter enemy territory and exfiltrate the kidnapped ewes. He has trained his best sheep to be simply the best:

The American football player destroys all obstacles
The ninja jumps over obstacles
The gunner is equipped with a cannon

But sheep, even if perfectly trained, will always be sheep: too stupid for words. They need someone with a brain to command them. Why not you? Idiot Squad is a puzzle game in which you head a commando of sheep. Make sure to prepare your missions well to recover the kidnapped sheep throughout 50 levels. Farmer Ben is counting on you!

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Releases for the Week (April 23rd-29th)

The month is almost over! Has the release schedule picked up the pace?

Well, there is only on retail release, three formerly retail only games getting the PSN all-digital treatment, an Indie match-3 game… and the Walking Dead!

Oh, wait! We also get two PSOne Classics, one PS2 Classic and 2 minis! Guess the Vita was the only one that decided to skip the party… oh, and the PSP. But at this point, of course the PSP is mia! Atlus, XSeed, save us!

Full list of releases, after the break!

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