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Releases for the Week (January 9th-15th)

The year has finally begun! Wait, what? It started last week? Mmm, no one told Sony about it! Anyway, here’s the update on the releases you’ll be able to enjoy this week. After the onslaught of holiday releases, things are definitely off to a slow start.

We get two digital releases for previously retail-only games, two PSN games, one minis and one PSOne classic. The minis is what I look forward to this week since Mecho Wars for consoles has been something I’ve wanted since the game was announced. For those Nintendo+Sony fans out there, the easy way to explain this is Advance Wars set in a new universe. An universe with an interesting art direction.

Are you buying anything this week?
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Playstation Plus Subscribers: Your January Content is Partially Here!

The list of January PS+ content is here and this is a very good month to jump in in case you haven’t decided yet! You’ll get Swords & Soldiers (a very, very, very fun game) AND the full season for Back to the Future – The Game!
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[Giveaway] Orbit (minis)

I got to review Orbit riiiiiight before the year was over (you can read the review over here), and here’s a preview of said review: “a great game from Laughing Jackal that keeps their streak going. Easy to play either on your PS3 or your PSP and a fun experience from a game that is hard to stop playing!”

Now, thanks to Laughing Jackal, we’ve got FIVE download codes for Orbit that you can win! You know the drill, but just to be extra sure, here’s a fresh set of instructions and rules. Ticket cost for this (minis) giveaway is only 75 points so be sure to enter!

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[Review] Orbit (minis)

Oh no! The Space Program is in peril now there’s NO MONEY ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!! That won’t stop two scientists from taking on the Orbit project, a no-budget exploration of our solar system.

Dodge through asteroid fields, and avoid nasty enemies intent on stealing cash, fuel, or just throwing slime in your eyes!

By collecting the money mysteriously floating in orbit around the planets, you’ll give the project a cash boost, upgrading shonky systems and gaining new ships to move beyond the Moon – from Mercury to Uranus – as never before!

Orbit’s research menu features almost 200 unique upgrades, plus there are hidden relics and blueprints to find, stat tracking, and 12 challenging medals to earn.

The launch pad is all set. Are you ready to get into Orbit?

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