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[Giveaway] Galcon Labs (minis)

We’ve already gotten a chance to review Galcon Labs, a great game from publisher Beatshapers… who has kindly provided us with THREE copies of this awesome minis for you guys to fight over! Remember, the first rule of Fight Club is you do NOT talk about Fight Club, so be discrete and sign your name on the dotted line below. Ask us for your complimentary OJ and Cookie after you “donate” all that blood and expect the unexpected!

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Angry Birds Mini Solution

The PSN minis version of Angry Birds, which just happens to be the best selling PSN game of all time, was released with two different versions of the game. When Rovio reclaimed the publishing rights, they released a new, better version of the game. “Unfortunately, previous purchasers of the game weren’t able to download this new version, and were unfortunately stuck with their significantly worse version of the game.” Rovio has reported to that there is now a way to get the new version for free.
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Mad Blocker Alpha Review

Another week, another minis review! This time Mad Blocker Alpha: Revenge of the Fuzzles gets a chance to shine and try to compete for your hard earn money. What can we expect from this game? As always, minis can be enjoyed on the big screen (or the screen of the size that you have at home) from your PS3 or on the portable spectre thanks to the PSP and the Go (it DOES still exist!). Follow along as we take you into a journey that involves lots of blocks, blocks, blocks.

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Coming Soon to the PSN Store – Carnivores: Ice Age (minis)

Coming to PSN Store in August 2011, Beatshapers and Tatem Games united their forces again to bring the Carnivores: Ice Age, a sequel to popular Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter to PSP and PS3 platforms. It brings 5 huge explorable 3D maps, a variety of prehistoric ice age animals to hunt and a huge weapon palette to choose from.
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