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Winner of the Vertigo PSP Giveaway!

I picked a winner at random and the winner is ajescent! Congrats, we will be sending you a PM with the PSN Code shortly. If you didn’t catch our review on Vertigo, you can read it all here. Don’t worry we have more giveaways coming.


Official Review: Vertigo PSP + GIVEAWAY!

Vertigo is a racing/sorta puzzle (missed it by thaaat much) type of game in which you command a Xorb, a sphere-like entity that is usually a shiny silver hue, on its long quest from the starting spot to the finish gravitational field circle/lines… and aren’t we all on a similar adventure?

And now, some words from our sponsor:

VERTIGO is a white knuckle race over wild landscapes collecting upgrades, discovering hidden shortcuts while negotiating some of the most challenging courses in the Universe. Race across tracks suspended high above sprawling cities and lush vistas, but don’t miss a turn… it’s a long way down!


* Amazing sense of height and scale as you race hundreds of metres above ground through 54 Vertigo Inducing Race Courses
* Varied Single Player Game Modes – including Practice, Arcade, Time Trial, Career and Xorb Bowling
* Customise your Xorb Craft – customise the look of your Xorb with over 2 million unique combinations

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