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[Vita Review] Curses ‘N Chaos


Curses ‘N Chaos is an 8-bit retro brawler in which you have to defeat hordes of enemies to free Leo and Lea (the two selectable characters) from the evil Wizard King’s curse.

Read below to see what we thought of this retro-style game!

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[Vita Review] Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls


Ultra Despair Girls is the third game in the Danganronpa series that started in 2010 on the PSP with Trigger Happy Havoc. Said PSP version was later ported in 2013 to the PlayStation Vita, and the same happened with the sequel titled Goodbye Despair which released first on PSP 2012 to then get a port to PS Vita in 2014. Ultra Despair Girls is a follow up to the events of Goodbye Despair but does not require players to experience the previous game.

Ultra Despair Girls is my first experience with the Danganronpa universe, and I enjoyed this game and its gameplay so much that (as of the time of writing those lines), I think this is a serious contender for a Game of the Year award on the Playstation Vita!

Read below to see why I liked this game so much!

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[PS3 Review] Tales from the Borderlands Episode 4: Escape Plan Bravo

Tales from The Borderlands - Escape Plan Bravo Header Image

Escape Plan Bravo is the fourth episode in Tales from the Borderlands, an interactive story set in the Borderlands universe. Following the events of Catch a Ride, the team is taken captive by Vallory. They’re now tasked with finding the last Vault piece.

This episode continues the story of Rhys and Fiona along with the friends (and enemies) they have made during their journey. As has been the case with other reviews for Telltale Games’ episodic releases, this review contains some spoilers about the story. Are you ready?

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[Review Revisited] Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride is an endless runner where your goal is go as far as you can in each level. Read below to see if this game holds up today!

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