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PS3BlogCast Episode 150

Welcome back to another episode of the podcast, this week featuring the entire crew. It’s been another slow week of news, but we still manage to have a good length episode for you.

The Order 1886 came out this week to mixed reviews leaning towards the lower end. I haven’t put too much time into it yet, just a about two hours so I don’t have a fully formed opinion on it yet. It is a gorgeous game and I’m interested in where the story goes.

The Order has brought on a lot of debate about the length of video games. I feel like it really depends on the genre myself, but what about you? Do you like shorter games or longer games? Let us know in the comments below!


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Free Points Saturday | Feb 21 2015

Welcome to Free Points Saturday!

I don’t know if all of you noticed, but I did two FPS on over the last couple of weeks, and they both have a few free answer slots, so go grab some points!

And don’t forget to follow as well, so you don’t miss the new ones I’ll be posting there!

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2 Comments now has 10,000 published posts !

What a milestone! I started to follow this site back in 2007, when resources on the PlayStation 3 were still scarce. And it makes me very happy to say that the site has come a long way… since it has now hit 10 THOUSAND posts!

Here are some rough numbers from this blog:

  • 750 game reviews
  • Almost 150 PS3BlogCasts
  • 200 giveaways
  • 6000 posts on the PS3 or its library
  • 650 posts on the Vita
  • 350 posts for the PSP

*Remaining posts are uncategorized

We also have a forum/community that has over 800 threads and almost 9000 posts!

Of course, it would be nowhere near that if you guys weren’t participating! We have had as many as 50+ writers who have contributed to the site during all these years!

On that note, if you’ve written for the site before, or if you want to start writing for or, you can check all information on how to make that happen right here. You should also leave me a PM to let me know!

Wow… 10k posts published!


[Review Rewind] Half-Minute Hero (PSP/Vita)


Half-Minute Hero is an interesting mix of an RPG, a shoot ‘em up, an action game and a real-time strategy game all rolled into a single release. Oh, and you only have 30 seconds to play each one!

Okay, I hear you: “Why would I play a game that is only 30 seconds long?” The thing is, there is a LOT to do in each of the game’s modes, thus keeping things fresh. This game is, hands down, the best game I played on my PSP (and it is also fully compatible with the Vita)!

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