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Square-Enix Remastering Final Fantasy X / X-2 and Kingdom Hearts 1.5 in HD: What we know so far

Square-Enix recently announced that a few of their PS2 masterpieces would get HD Remasters for both the PS3 and PS Vita. Each remastered game (Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy X-2, Kingdom Hearts Final Mix and Kingdom Hearts: Chains of Memories) will feature upgraded visuals, a few new features and bosses, and their own trophy list!

I searched the web to sum up what is known about those titles and compiled the data in this post, which is meant to be an extension of what Eddie wrote a few weeks ago.

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Vita: How is the Game Selection?

As a huge PlayStation fan, the Vita has really disappointed in its first seven months or so in the US market. There is a lot of content, and much of it is good in some way, and a few niches are really well covered (Disgaea, Lumines, and some 2D fighters all look awesome), but I think most gamers are better served for their gaming tastes on a home console or a tablet or a PC.

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Dispelling the Myths of Videogame Piracy

Art by psdeluxe

Hi, this is Russell, Englishman in Canada, and I want to take issue with video game piracy.

After having a polite discussion with one of our admin’s earlier this week about what was acceptable when it came to duplicating videogame software, I was encouraged to take to the stormy seas, otherwise known as the world wide web, to search out the legal ins and out of the subject at hand. As I began my search, I had all the laws and loopholes taught to me by my peers at a young age (the PSOne era) embedded firmly in my head and decided to start checking up on a few of these ‘facts’. I will tell you now that what I’ve found is a much tighter bind than I was even expecting, a lot of stuff users and gamers may do are in fact illegal in the eyes of the law.

Following are a few myths I was taught as fact that I am now going to dispel for you guys, in hope that I can inform and educate you and, in the immortal words of Ice-T, please, ‘Don’t hate the player, hate the game’.

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Gaming on a budget? Shop Smart, Game Hard!

Photographed by Heartpolkadotts

Hi, my names Russell and I’m an Englishman in Canada. My life at the moment has two fundamental flaws:

  • 1. I’m addicted to games. Not just to playing them, but to owning them. I must have games!
  • 2. I’m broke. I have a son on the way, and I’m not exactly the most well paid individual this side of the old pond.

I have, however, found several ways to tackle these obstacles and, over the course of time, I have saved what is quite possibly a small fortune. I would like to share my tips of frugal gaming with the rest of you, whether it’s because you’re like me and just can’t afford the rising costs of games, or because you’re young and rich and want more games than you’ll ever be able to play!

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