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PSN Terms of Service Sept. 15, 2011 | Waiver of Right to Class Action Lawsuit

So be honest: Did you actually read the new Terms of Service agreement that was posted in advance of Firmware update 3.72 several days ago? I’ll admit it—I didn’t! I scroll right through those things like a chump. The faster I can get to the “Accept” button, the faster I can reconnect to PSN and regain access to online gaming, the PSN store, Netflix streaming, etc. Perhaps I was overhasty on this occasion, as Sony included a rather surprising clause in the latest TOS, acceptance of which waives my right ever to join a class action lawsuit against the corporation. More details—and information about how to reclaim the aforementioned right, should you wish to do so—after the jump.

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Dismissing Products Based on Battery Life: Justified or Are We Asking Too Much?

So todays portable electronic products are failing to impress us in battery longevity today and Sony’s Playstation Vita and the Nintendo 3DS are no exception to this rule. I’ve read time and time again about how people want to cancel their pre-orders due to the battery life. Are these people justified or are they living with unrealistic expectations? I wasn’t too sure myself so I decided to do a little research.

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Are Video Games Causing Marital Trouble?

I listened to a local news story about how video games are causing marital issues. They reported that 15% of women say their husbands’ obsession with gaming is cause for their divorce. It was only 5% a year ago in the same survey. I think part of this is due to them not working out the real issues in their marriage, or maybe it’s just that some guys are really addicted to games and don’t care about anything else. If you are playing games for 8+ hours every day, and your aren’t getting paid to do it, I think that’s a little much for a married guy. Unless your wife if out of town. Then get in all the gaming you can!

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We Want You To Tell Us What To Talk About

You’re strolling down the street and walk past your local games store. You notice a game that takes your fancy and think about buying it – but hang on, you’re the extra cautious type that won’t part with your money that easily.

Before the guy in the game store robs you of your hard earned cash (or your parent’s hard earned cash), you decide to check out the game online, to see what everyone’s saying about it. This way you get to learn whether your cash was either well spent, or dumped down the drain.

Reviews. One word that makes all the difference. The one word that decides whether you keep your money safely where it belongs or whether you hand it over the counter and get your shiny new game in a cheap plastic bag.

I love reading reviews, and more often, I love writing them. However, there’s always that one question I keep asking myself – what do the readers want to read about when we’re reviewing a game?

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