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New PC motion controller shows Sony’s missed chance for Playstation Move

Sixense unveiled its Razer Hydra at CES this year, which is a motion controller for the PC platform. This is good news for the industry as motion gaming will meet even broader audience.

Razar Hydra uses an electromagnetic field within a radius of 6 feet to detect the positions of the controllers in both hands, with millimeter accuracy. It also supports an analogue stick on each of the controllers. I had earlier written an article about how having an analogue stick on the Platstation Move controller would have been the right thing (in hopes of getting things right for PS4, of course, as there’s no way Move specs can change). Comments around the web concentrated on the fact that using analogue on the motion controller would be awkward, something which was repeated by Anton Mikhailov himself, and he also mentioned that it would come with added costs.

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Sony Demos 3D Head Mounted Display. Motion Tracking Next?

Sony is demoing a head mounted display (basically video glasses) with support for stereoscopic 3D. This is just a prototype and there is no word on actual release details.

Sorry for repeating myself, but full head tracking functionality would give this complete 3D immersion.

Early in 2010, I submitted an idea to PlayStation Share for 3D video glasses with head tracking… For some reason, my idea never showed up. I submitted the same idea twice more. It still never showed up. Maybe they don’t want bloggers to steal their thunder?


Watch Sony’s CES Conference Live Now!

[Update: It’s over, but you can watch the whole thing after the jump]

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