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Twisted Metal Open Beta Denied

During a Comic-Con interview with Gamespot, Twisted Metal series creator David Jaffe confirmed that Twisted Metal “doesn’t” need an open Multiplayer beta.

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So I hear you like Comic Con Cosplay…

Over at the live chat I realized that a lot of our members like to browse the occasional Cosplay gallery here and there once SDCC starts so why not give them a link to the gallery to end all galleries? You’ll have lots of fun seeing some veeeeeeeery good cosplay and some bad, bad efforts as SDCC starts to slow down until the innevitable “everything must go as it’s more expensive for us to take our stock back with us!” sales.

You’re welcome!


ComicCon 2011: Starhawk Trailer

Developer LightBox released a brand new Starhawk Trailer captured from the Opening cutscene of the game. The new trailer shows off some of the story behind Starhawk and the plot gamers will be taking part in. Enjoy…

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Konami Releases Beta Gameplay Footage of Famed Hero Simon Belmont from Castlevania Franchise

A Konami press release today showed a couple of high definition photos and video of the upcoming game Castlevania game. On a side note, make sure to keep it lock as we will be attending the San Diego Comic-Con covering all of the game industry booths and games that will be present there! Konami will host a special autograph signing by Hideo Kojima, as well as Yoji Shinkawa on Thursday, July 21. They will also hold a Costume contest with yours truly participating. You have to wait and see what I am bringing to the table! Peace!

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