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Younger Gamers To Get KidzPLAY Range At E3

We can’t deny that E3 this year is and has been all about the next-gen consoles. However, we shouldn’t overlook the fact that the PS3 is still going strong and will be getting more love for a few years to come.

Accessories 4 Technology, whom own the well-known UK based PS3 accessories brand 4Gamers; and of course are an Official PlayStation accessories developer, will be making a huge announcement at E3. One point to note though is that the announcment is geared towards a more younger generation of gamer. As a parent, I think that this announcement is massive! My daughter is 6 (going on 7), and she loves gaming. Throw on a copy of LittleBigPlanet Karting, Hamsterball, Wonderbook, or PS Move’s Start The Party on and she’ll be hooked on it for hours – of course, as a parent I have to limit the amount of time she spends on our beloved console for many reasons.

So, back to A4T. We all love to play games, especially the younger generation – and this is where Accessories 4 Technology comes in. They have developed some awesome PS3 accessories which are aimed at young gamers. This new range is going to be called KidzPLAY.

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PaulFierce’s E3 2013 Style and Etiquette Guide

The Electronic Entertainment Expo takes place once a year, usually in Los Angeles. For the privileged, this is the opportunity of a lifetime. It is a chance to experience upcoming games and meet people in the industry. Sure, you can watch various live streams on the internet, but nothing beats being there in person. This is my 5th year attending E3. Over the years, I have acquired a great sense of awareness attending this expo. I actually met our fellow PS3BLOG staffers Tosh, Eddie, and Oly at the Sonic SEGA party 2 years ago.

I wanted to talk to you about Style and Etiquette at E3. So, you want to show your love for your console by wearing that PlayStation shirt, or maybe you want to wear that Assassin’s Creed Hoody? There is a time and place to do that, and trust me, you don’t want to be “that guy” at E3 getting all the weird looks because you’re under-dressed for the occasion.

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E3 2013: Conference Live Streams – See Them Here and Chat with Us!

With E3 starting tomorrow, we’re going to try to get all the important conference streams on here, with current ones being available for view on the home page, switching them out after one concludes (unless one runs simultaneously with another). With that said, we’re looking at three of them relevant to PlayStation, unless we get demand for Nintendo and Microsoft conferences as well. To start, EA’s conference takes place at 1PM PDT, followed by Ubisoft’s at 3PM, and Sony’s at 6PM. Be sure to join in on the site chat after the jump!

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E3 Remains in LA Until 2015

Wide speculation came rolling down this year as E3 2012 wrapped up. It was rumored that E3 may move to a different city as a result of an ongoing plan to build a football stadium. The ESA today confirmed that it has locked down an agreement with the city of Los Angeles to keep E3 through 2015. E3 dates for next year are June 11-13.

Who wouldn’t want to keep E3 in their city? the expo brought $40 Million this year in a already money saturated city.


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