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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Gameplay

GTTV’s revealed the first real trailer for Valve’s upcoming shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, as more information on the game become apparent from playtests at the company’s headquarters in Washington.

Gaming sites report that while PC gamers will enjoy its normal control options open to them, with Xbox 360 gamers only able to use a gamepad, PS3 owners will have the option of either a DualShock, PlayStation Move and even a keyboard and mouse. I believe that’s worth mentioning again — keyboard and mouse. On your very own PS3.

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Capcom Announces Finish Me Giveaway

Capcom is running an awesome contest that allows you to win a trip for two to meet Capcom at the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle Washington. They will provide a picture in which you need to fill in the background.

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Killzone 3 with Move Controls Demoed at PAX

Guerilla Games is showing off Move support for Killzone 3 at PAX West this year. The above is part one of the demo walkthrough. Part two will be available after the jump. One thing to note here, the Move control seems to work a lot better than that of the MAG Move support, probably because of the turning sensitivity (which is adjustable). It’s also cool how you can pick up and reload weapons, too.

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