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Final Fantasy XIII-2 TGS 2011 Exclusive PS3 Trailer

Square-Enix has released two console exclusive Final Fantasy XIII-2 trailers, one for PS3 and one for 360. Both Trailers are packed with different story elements but share a common feature, outstanding visuals! Did you note that the lip-syncing is not going with the voice-over work? Well, Square-Enix revealed that the final products will feature full western lip-syncing support.

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MGS Rising TGS Tech Demo

A look at how the sword mechanics work in the forthcoming Metal Gear Solid Rising. Plenty of bowling pin and watermelon cutting to be seen along with a cameo from a certain MGS4 character. The sword play still looks as amazing as first revealed, looking forward to seeing the sword be implemented into the full game. There has been no mention of move integration yet and it still has no scheduled release date.


TGS 2010 Highlights

  • New project from the same studio and director as Demon’s Souls is announced called, “Project Dark”. This is a PS3/360 (edited) dark fantasy game that is supposed to appeal to fans of Demon’s Souls. This sounds like a spiritual successor rather than a regular sequel.
  • The Last Guardian is coming holiday 2011.
  • Ico/Shadow of the Colossus PS3 HD Remaster is official
  • 3D Blu-Ray playback coming 9/21 with firmware 3.5
  • Two special edition PSP models with larger batteries and improved analog sticks.
  • More on Level 5’s “Ni no Kuni”
  • New GT5 features
  • The next Ace Combat is coming to PS3
  • New FF Dissidia and Kingdom Hearts titles for PSP

Awesome new reveals! Project Dark was probably the biggest unexpected surprise.


E3 2010: The Last Guardian at TGS? Maybe…

Everybody kind of got disappointed by the fact that nothing was revealed at E3 about the upcoming Team ICO’s new masterpiece, The Last Guardian. 1UP asked a Sony representative about that, and he hinted that “there are more events on the calendar than just E3”. So, expect it to be presented at the Tokyo Game Show, from September 16th to September 19th.

According to another representative, “…we just didn’t feel that the timing was right to show that product at this show. We’re going to show it when it’s ready, and when we think that it’s worthy to show…”.

So we’ll wait… By the way, who is heading to Tokyo from PS3Blog this year? 😉


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