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Asura’s Wrath Demo Impressions

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Capcom’s new intellectual property, Asura’s Wrath, does not disappoint. It does not disappoint in the area of giving the developers who worked on this game something to add in their portfolio and resume. Capcom gives us about a 20 minute demo, split in to two random chapters of the game. The first part of the demo pits you in a battle with this huge, presumably, “boss” character. I mean, this guy is huge, as in ,”as big as a cruise ship” huge! Apparently, this boss guy is hell bent on crushing you, literally, by any means possible. He even tries to sit on you. Yup, sit on you!

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[E3 2011] Hands On – Uncharted 3 Multiplayer / Co-op

The line for Uncharted 3 at E3 was always long, which was a good sign. More so, I bet, because you got a cool t-shirt and a code to unlock gear in Uncharted 3. The game mode we played was called Hunter Mode. There was an offensive and defensive side. When you’re on the offensive side, your goal is to grab treasure and deliver it to the treasure box. Defensive side, of course, tries to stop you. There are multiple treasures in the level, I’d guess about 5 of them. After the time runs down, you switch from offensive to defensive (or vis versa). Two levels were available at E3, both were fun and pretty large.

You have 1 buddy in the game, which is highlighted by a box over their name, so you want to stick by them, because they are friends with benefits! For example, you have greater firepower when you are together. I’m sure there are other benefits, but I didn’t notice any. One really cool thing is, when you kill an enemy, you can both stand over the body and high five each other! I seem to recall you can sometimes revive your buddy as well. Not sure if your buddy is random or if you can choose them. Seems like, in this demo, it was random. I hope in the final game, you can choose your buddy.

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[E3 2011] Hands On – Starhawk

The line for Starhawk was never very long at E3 for some odd reason. I usually just had to wait for the current game to finish for my turn at the game. When you spawn, you get a top down view of the battlefield and you get to choose where to drop your pod in your home base. You can steer it slightly when it’s falling in mid-air. What’s cool is you can actually kill others when you land! I never got to see this in person, though. After you land, you press square to burst out of your pod.

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[E3 2011] Hands On – Ace Combat: Assault Horizon

I couldn’t pass up a chance to try this out. In the demo you can control a helicopter or a fighter jet. First I tried out the helicopter, the battle takes place in a city. You assist other troops on the ground. Targets include regular guys with rocket launchers, anti-aircraft guns, trucks & tanks. When you are close enough you can lock onto a target and use your mounted machine guns or 2 different types of missiles in this demo. Sometimes when you take out a target you get a nice quick cut scene of the destruction then right back into action. Near the end of the demo you get to take on a few enemy helicopters. Then you finish the demo off with taking out a bridge with supply trucks on it.

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