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Your Chance To Be On A PS3 & PS Vita Accessory Review Panel

If you’ve got a PS3, or even a PlayStation Vita then no doubt you’ve been kitting it out with many a game and accessory to make sure your console looks the part.

Accessories are an important part of a console’s lifecycle – they help you to ensure it lasts longer due to the protection kits that are available to buy, and to get the best experience from them due to the headsets, controllers etc you can buy for the games that you play.

If you’re into your accessories, then you have a perfect opportunity to have your say on how to improve on a current product or even how products end up before they go into mass production and ahead of them being available to the general public to buy.

How? We’ll get to that in a second.
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Do You Pre-Order Video Games Or Buy Used

Personally I pre-order the games I’ve been looking forward to for a long time. The pre-order bonuses are just to tempting to pass up sometimes. Usually with online games it’s the most fun when the game is new and everyone is still getting used to it. Plus with the online pass, it’s actually better to buy a online game new anyway. I don’t buy as many games as I used to, so I really pick and choose which games I get now. There are still lots of games I would love to play, so I do pick up used games from time to time.

Where do you get your PS3 / PS Vita games? Do you get them at online stores like Big W or Amazon? Or do you get them at local stores such as Gamestop, FYE, Best Buy, Target, etc.


(UPDATE)Taco Bell’s Unlock The Box Promo Loop Hole Fixed

Taco Bell is currently holding an ongoing contest giving away the new PlayStation Vita “every 15 minutes” as the advertisement boast. The contest barely started two weeks ago and it’s already under scrutiny. A facebook group has been formed regarding this developing story and gaming site Kotaku first reported of the events.

An anonymous source by the name of “BuzzLightyear” contacted me via email stating he found a “loop hole” in Taco Bell’s Unlock The Box website a couple of days after the contest started.

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With An Enthusiasm Unknown To Mankind

The PS3.

You love it. Status updates and awkward pet photos would be looked forward to if your PS3 had a Facebook page. If it could tweet, you’d follow it. Smack it up and rub it down and gently ride that wave in, is what you’re thinking when Playstation is mentioned in passing conversation, website, or article. You would go on Maury and submit to a “baby daddy” paternity test for it. Now that we got that out of the way:

Does anybody else think it needs a facelift? You know…in general?

The XMB is tired. The obese XMB cow has grazed in the field long enough and needs to be harvested. This cow has also requested to be turned into a happy meal if at all possible. I digress though…it’s gotten a bit stale, hasn’t it? It’s been the same tired look for how many years now? Maybe something to liven up the whole experience would be nice? Add some more color to an over dark, stark and otherwise cold look. Now I know there’s jazzy themes and dynamic  whatnots to spruce up the whole overall outlook, but maybe a whole new design is needed?

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