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How Much Are You Willing To Spend On Software Next Gen?

With the growing rumors implying that Sony’s and Microsoft’s next consoles may being revealed within the next year or so, I’m beginning to wonder just what it will cost to purchase software on these new systems. The price for video games has increased with the introduction of every new home console over the years. Back in the day games for the PS1 cost $40, the price for PS2 titles increased to $50 and today a brand new PS3 game will set you back $60. See the trend?

Assuming the price for a new console game will set you back $70 will gamers finally ask how much is too much? If the next gen gaming experience is anything like what we’re seeing today – single player campaigns only lasting 6-8 hours, extra content that could easily fit in the game being offered later as paid dlc, online passes- will it be worth it?

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Why an Uncharted 3 Online Pass is a bad idea

Uncharted Online

Online passes are becoming so common that probably in time, there’ll be news for games that don’t have it.

Sony is backing and will actively be using online passes for its games from now on. Naughty Dog has also tried justifying the move, mainly stating how servers cost money, never mind the fact that uncharted 3 online will rely on Peer2Peer networking, which is already a very effective way of reducing server costs.

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Activision Shafts PS3/PC Gamers…Again?!

PlayStation 3 gamers will have to wait a tad bit longer before they can give Activision’s latest scheme a test run. The company’s social media manager, Dan Amrich, has confirmed that the Call of Duty Elite PS3 beta will kick off sometime later this summer. The 360 version has already launched, and invites were sent out the 14th of July.

PC gamers, in any case, won’t even be given a chance to get in the beta. Activision has conspicuously decided to limit it to gaming consoles only.

Amrich explained:

“While PC was an option during sign-ups, the FAQ now says, ‘Currently, we do not plan to launch a version of the beta for the PC version of Call of Duty: Black Ops’. I know that’s disappointing (I’m bummed, I think my PC stats might be higher than the others, actually) but I suppose it’s better than biting off more than you can chew for the beta.”

Activision describes the Call of Duty Elite service as an “innovative new digital community platform, built expressly for the 30-million strong Call of Duty fanbase”.

I say, it’s just another magic trick the selfish corporate giant is trying to make a quick buck off of. Just my opinion, though. What’s your take on the whole COD:Elite spiel?


Is There a Place Left for Innovation ?

First of all, be warned, as this is a long post and its many inquiries might feel unanswered at end, but if you also feel like the industry is increasing the size of the cookie factory and you keep getting the same batch of bland chocolate chip cookies, you might like it. Without further ado, let’s begin:

What is the most innovative game you’ve seen lately? That’s a question I won’t try to answer at this point, I’ll let you guys think about it for a couple of minutes… OK, so what is the first thing that came up on your mind? Not so simple, isn’t it?

I’ve noticed (and probably most others have) that the most noteworthy titles these days are sequels, and that got me thinking, is that all we want to see? I own a very small collection of PS3 games (about 16) and astonishingly, 50% of those games are sequels to games featured in the same platform; if I consider sequels to a series, that number jumps to 70%. It’s incredible how many developers we’ve seen lately seem so scared of trying something different. If you just think about your “top 10” most expected titles this year, you’ll see what I’m talking about. Probably 90% of those games are sequels.

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