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FPS Question 2

Due to issues with the first post, I had to make this question into its own post. Again, good luck!

In one of the many vehicular combat titles, one in particular included this character, which had a special attack/weapon whose effectiveness was dependent on the proximity of its victims. It would expel an explosive shockwave from the “vehicle’s” platform, even being effective while in the air. What was the name of this character?

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FPS: For the Past Two Weeks

So, the past couple weeks have been rather hectic. As many of you know, the site was having server load issues, but we’ve managed to recently complete a server move, and the site seems much more stable now.

However, the first question comes from a week of really bad back issues (yeah, this bout of sciatica is rather persistent), but due to Tosh dealing with the server, he was unable to get to Free Points Saturday during that week.

Anyway, this is a duo week, so there are two questions. Both of which I have after the jump. Good luck with those! 150 points, 10 chances each! I’ll make at least one of them easy.

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Free Points Saturday for January 14th

Sorry about another delay with this. I should just sit down sometime and schedule these to automatically post on Saturday mornings haha. Anyway, since the last one was so hard for so many, I will make this one simple:

Upon taking over, when did Tosh begin allowing members of the community to sign up to post news and other articles?
Hint: answer format would be: January 17 2012

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Free Points Saturday | January 7th

Last week’s FPS seemed to be a bit harder for most than I thought it’d be. I was actually hoping that the “1 word” hint would have given it away, or at least made it heaps easier, but alas, 20 people got the points for it.

Unfortunately, we’re back to the regular 150 points for the first 10 people to answer correctly. But for those who took advantage of FPS over the month of December, how well did you fair? Be sure to check the stats after the jump. As for this week’s question:

This series was negatively parodied by a highly popular franchise throughout a number of its titles because of some shared traits (and parodies of that series were put into this game), despite the fact that the two were different types of games. Regardless of the negativity surrounding a few of its entries, this series still has quite a strong following. What series is this?
Hint: One title was hyped up with a short live-action promotional video
Hint 2: The series originally made its debut on the PSOne and PC
Hint 3: Idea for the game/series evolved from a love of certain 60s/70s movies

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