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Free Points Saturday – May 19th

Yes, it has been a while since my last Free Points Saturday post (February 4th, in fact). Since I have been busy with numerous other things, I have only been able to get my *** on here occasionally, but not enough to be a good Community Manager, so I apologize for that. Words not enough for ya? How about a bribe: some free points!

Given the time between FPS’s, I won’t be making the points for this a multiple of the number of weeks missed (that would be ridiculous, really). Instead, I’ll go ahead and make it an even 1000 points. How does that sound? For the first 20 people? I wish I could block staff members from entering these, though. Oly and EdEN are greedy as hell with these things.

Anyway, the answer to this one has 4 WORDS (no numbers or special characters). Good luck!

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Free Points Saturday | February 4th

Well, I was almost late with this one, but to my credit, it is still technically Saturday in the states! Anyway, did a little bit of a hunt for you guys to find this one (it should actually be a quick one, but I’ve been wrong before). I wouldn’t say that it’s hard, but you might have to do some thinking on this one. First clue:

“I want to keep things private.”
Clue 2: “There should be a policy against that.”
Clue 3: “That was the highlight of my day.”
Clue 4: “I’ve been searching for that video he uploaded.”

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FPS Question 2

Due to issues with the first post, I had to make this question into its own post. Again, good luck!

In one of the many vehicular combat titles, one in particular included this character, which had a special attack/weapon whose effectiveness was dependent on the proximity of its victims. It would expel an explosive shockwave from the “vehicle’s” platform, even being effective while in the air. What was the name of this character?

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FPS: For the Past Two Weeks

So, the past couple weeks have been rather hectic. As many of you know, the site was having server load issues, but we’ve managed to recently complete a server move, and the site seems much more stable now.

However, the first question comes from a week of really bad back issues (yeah, this bout of sciatica is rather persistent), but due to Tosh dealing with the server, he was unable to get to Free Points Saturday during that week.

Anyway, this is a duo week, so there are two questions. Both of which I have after the jump. Good luck with those! 150 points, 10 chances each! I’ll make at least one of them easy.

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