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[Giveaway] Sketchcross

Sketchcross Giveaway Header Image

Sketchross is a a logic-based puzzle that is a take on the Japanese Nonograms puzzles. It features 50 puzzles to complete, and it adds leaderboards and a timer to the mix to keep you going non-stop. Spiky Fish Games has provided us with some US PS Vita codes for Sketchcross… who’s ready to win a free game?

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[Giveaway] Magus

Ceidz got to review Magus, a fun if a bit flawed game that is available at a budget price AND includes a full trophy list with a Platinum! Aksys Games was kind enough to provide us with TWO codes for the game, so it’s now time for you to try and win!

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[Giveaway] Rainbow Moon Vita

win Rainbow Moon Vita

The Nmac reviewed Rainbow Moon on Vita, a great game for people who love the strategy RPG genre or want to give it a try, but found them daunting to start.

eastasia soft has provide us with four codes for Rainbow Moon on Vita so that you can get your RPG on the go. As always, entering is easy to do and free!

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[Giveaway] Strength of the Sword 3

Giveaway - Strength of the Sword 3

Jason had a very busy December, and one of the games he reviewed was Strength of the Sword 3 from Ivent Games, a hardcore release that will please fans of smart games like Dark Souls.

If you like hard but fun games, then you will love this giveaway! We have FIVE codes for you to win!

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