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[Giveaway] RAGE and 600 Point Winner

Well, as of this writing, Gophermods has finally reached 650 likes. That means we will be giving away a game this time around. But first, let me announce the winner of the 600 point giveaway. Congratulations to tedrabear! I will be awarding those points soon.

Now, as for the promised game giveaway? The game the winner will be receiving is id Software’s ‘RAGE’. Oly reviewed this a while back (in November of 2011), giving it a 93/100. The high points he listed were that it had amazing graphics, excellent voice work, tons of action, and a fun co-op experience.

Remember, this is part of the Gophermods giveaway, but we’re keeping this one separate from the points giveaways, so it will run for about a week, with all entries open.

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Winners of the $20 PSN Code and 550 Point Giveaway

Looks like we easily hit that 600 Like mark over at the Gophermods Facebook page, which means that, not only is it time for another points giveaway (this time at 600), but also that we must announce the winners of the last one! In fact, as of this writing, they are sitting at 611 likes, so we aren’t even far off from the 650 point/game giveaway.

After a random drawing of all 34 individual entries, the first place, $20 Gift Card goes to Kane112, with the second place, 550 points prize going to one of our newer members, nekod. Congratulations to the both of you!

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Gophermods 500 Points Giveaway Winner

Gophermods has reached 550 likes on their Facebook page. You know what that means! Another character has been revealed and a new giveaway is incoming! Because we need room for a 550 point giveaway, we are going to end each points giveaway either when we reach the next milestone, or it will end at the prescribed cut off date, whichever is first.

Anyway, the winner for our very first points giveaway, at 500, is none other than mrlefty91. Congratulations, and don’t forget, even if you win these giveaways, you’re still eligible to enter future ones!

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Gophermods 500+ Likes Points Giveaway

We quickly hit the 500+ plus mark. So let’s have a 500 point giveaway. Only 50 points to enter and you only need to enter once. All extra entries are disabled.

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