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Weekly Recap – May 25 to May 31

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Welcome to the weekly recap! Missed any of our posts from the last week? Click after the break to check all our posts that went live during the previous seven days.

For the last weekly recap, you can click here.

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PS3BlogCast Episode 161

Well it’s been a slow week, despite a dumb rumor that was obviously false and luckily put to bed quickly. Outside of a few game patches and HD remaster announcements, plus a few release dates, there wasn’t much in the way of news. Luckily the crew manages to pull out a long episode, primarily due to Isli’s lack of Metal Gear knowledge.

I’m currently playing The Witcher 3 but I can see it’s going to take me quite a long time to do all of the side quests. Every question mark I see on the map just distracts me from whatever my objective is.

What about you guys? How are you enjoying The Witcher? Let us know in the comments below!


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Free Points Saturday | May 30 2015

Welcome to Free Points Saturday!

I hope you all had a great week, and I wish you good luck for this week’s FPS!

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[PS Vita Point And Click Review] Broken Age

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Broken Age is finally available on PS Vita! This adventure game has been in development for a while, so I was ready to get it as soon as it was made available on the PSN store. Was the wait worth it? Let’s find out as we dive into Act 1 and Act 2 of Broken Age!

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