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PS3BlogCast Episode 119

We’re back again and on schedule, even though the news is a little light despite PAX East currently going on. Tune in this episode to hear MissXya make her return after a long break from the podcast. Isli joins in as well, though he shows up a little late to the party.

Final Fantasy 14 for the PS4 releases next week, though early access is available this weekend for anyone upgrading from the PS3 to the PS4 version. I can’t wait to get back into that game, since I’ve been busy with everything else that has been coming out lately. Granted I’m sure I’ll be pulled away when the next major release hits.

Have you seen anything shown or announced at PAX that you’re excited about? Let us know in the comments below!


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PS3BlogCast Episode 118

It’s been a long time but we’re back with another episode of the PS3BlogCast! I’ve had a busy last two months with my manager out on medical leave, and I just wasn’t able to get any extra time to sit down and record an episode. But she’s back now and things should be returning to normal…well almost, seeing as we might change our recording date from Wednesday to Saturday.

A lot has happened between our last episode and now, and we only cover a fraction of it since the news just seems to all blend together. We discuss some of our thoughts on Dark Souls 2, and I make a few comments about Second Son.

It’s good to be back finally and there are a lot of games to talk about over the next few episodes, but we’ll get through it. What have you been playing recently? Let us know in the comments below!


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PS3BlogCast Episode 117

We’re back again with another episode of the podcast. This week it’s just Isli and I, as MissXya is once again busy at work. We missed last week due to more overtime at work, but hopefully we’ll be able to get back on track.

We’re coming up on the next giveaway sponsored by the podcast, though I’m still debating which game we will be giving away this time around.

Tune in this episode to hear a bit of news but be warned that the last half of the podcast is basically a spoilercast for Left Behind. I placed the secret word at the front of that section, that way anyone who decides to tune out can still get the points.



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PS3BlogCast Episode 116

We’re back on track with the Wednesday podcast, though with just having done one on Saturday it’s a very short episode.

Tune in to this bite sized podcast to listen in on the few tidbits of news that happened between the last episode and now.

I beat Left Behind after last episode and I must say that is some fantastic DLC. What about you? Did you play Left Behind? Did you enjoy it? Leave your comments below, just watch out for spoilers!


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