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Has the New Super Slim PS3 Leaked?

Rumors and such have been spreading for some time now about a super slim PS3 model potentially launching in the near future. This isn’t exactly something new as there have been multiple versions of past Playstations as well.

Through FCC leaks and picture taken, it looks that it is indeed true that there will be a new model Playstation 3. It is smaller on all fronts and even sports a nifty top loading feature that you can see below.
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PlayStation All-Stars Commercial Shoot Reveals New Character [Update]

Nathan Drake and Big Daddy were recently added to the growing roster of Sony’s upcoming (takes a deep breath) PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. A TV commercial is being filmed in Los Angeles at the moment and my source on set is feeding me really good info via text. From what she has gathered. Teams are being partnered up with Kratos, Sweet Tooth, Big Daddy, and a “blonde haired guy with goggles”.
More pictures and information will be updated as it is available. I am trying to get her to take a picture of “the blonde hair with goggles” guy and she said she will as soon as she can. “Right now the character playing Kratos is in make up getting air brushed painted and the production crew is still splitting the teams.” She writes.
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Gaikai Deal with Sony Could Be for PlayStation Back Catalog

According to, Sony is expected to announce their cloud-based streaming service through their partner, Gaikai, next week at their E3 press conference. The deal apparently is to stream PSOne and PS2 titles through Gaikai. Word is, besides the PlayStation 3, the service could eventually become available on other Sony products, including televisions and tablets.

For those unfamiliar with Gaikai, it is a game streaming service kind of like OnLive, using either Java or Flash. However, they have deals with a lot of partners, including facebook, YouTube, and retailers such as GAME and Best Buy (not counting the number of publishing partners). As far as the PlayStation service goes, besides first party titles, we may also see publishers, that already have deals with Gaikai, release some of their PlayStation Legacy software, including Electronic Arts, Ubisoft and Capcom.

No word on whether this will have a monthly subscription or pay-per-title plan. Personally, I’d go for the monthly subscription. We already basically have the pay-per-title via PSN, however we could potentially see more titles become available through the Gaikai service. Would this be a service you’d be interested in? Could this be a look into what Sony plans to do with the PlayStation 4? Now to see if this is more than a rumor, and other important details, next week…


Where is Marvel’s The Avengers Movie Video Game Tie in?

Marvel’s The Avengers just broke all kinds of box office records. Surpassing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows part 2. Raking in over $200.7 MIL in its opening weekend! With all the excitement and success, one is left to wonder, where is the video game tie in?
It is common practice for films based on comic books or science fiction to have some type of video game tie in. Previous Marvel films like Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America have seen video game adaptations closely following the plot line of its Movie counterpart. They are all however, mediocre and poorly designed. Website fusible stumbled upon evidence that may lead to an existence of a possible game.
A check on reveals that the url was established a day before the release of the film, and it is registered to Marvel’s Characters inc. With SEGA behind the last Marvel video game adaptations, it appears this one will be spearheaded by Ubisoft possibly.

There is no official word if this game is cancelled, delayed, or if there is even a video game, however E3 2012 is around the corner and we’ll find out soon enough.


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