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The Tester Season 2 – Episode 2 – Loft Brouhaha

For those who missed Episode 1 you can see my review here.

Last week, two contestants were eliminated, Boo and Max1m leaving 10 contestants in the race to be the next Playstation Tester.

The week’s challenge brings the contestants to the historic Edwards Air Force Base, where the testing of several airplanes is done. The future testers are divided into two teams, Red and White.

White : Big Fazeek, Mo chocolate, 8-bit Mickey, Ches-Ka and Fantasy girl.
Red : Gaymer, Samurai, War Princess, Tripplethreat and Scooter.

All challengers are drilled by air force members to learn Drill orders and how to execute them in the hot 110 F Temperature. One member of the Red team drops out of the drills because of the heat. Once completed the challengers had one hour to come up with their own drill using at least 5 of the 10 “moves” that was taught to them by the Drill sergeant.

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The Tester Season 2 – Episode 1 Review. Was it worth the wait ?

For those of you who haven’t caught the first season of The Tester, it’s a PSN exclusive reality show in which 12 contestants compete in various events to obtain the final prize : a position as a tester for Sony.  The contestant’s results are then judged by a panel of 3 people related to the industry, and one contestant is eliminated until, at the end of the season, a winner is declared.

With PSN’s November 2nd update came the Season 2 debut of The Tester. Was it Worth the wait? I’ll let you judge for yourselves.

For this second season of the tester, 11 new contestants were chosen by Sony, and one contestant was chosen by the public through a voting process. 5 females, 7 males  who all have one thing in common: the love of games. The list of contestants can be viewed here. The Prize for this year remains the same, a position as a Tester for Sony, a $5000 bonus, a new PS3 system and a brand new Sony 3D television.

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