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Killzone 3 action figures released

Series one of the Killzone 3 action figures have been announced. The figures, standing at 6.5″ high, are very detailed and have many points of articulation. You should be able to pick them up at your local video game and/or toy retailer. Photos after the jump.

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Sony Factories Shut Down Due to Earthquake

Japan Tsunami
Today at 05:46:23 (UTC)/12:46 AM (EST), Japan was hit with a magnitude 8.9 earthquake, creating factories, among other infrastructures, to temporarily shut down.

According to the Kyodo news agency, Sony, who happens to be one of Japan’s mammoth exporters, had to shut down six of their factories as the earthquake caused fires and power failure in the northeast coast of the country. This earthquake will most certainly cause a humongous economic impact on Japan because of its damage to the factories.

On top of the earthquake, a tsunami came rolling in from the coasts of Japan, furthering the damage to the nation’s coastline. Reportedly, a 33 feet high tsunami hit the port of Sendai. The official death toll, so far, is more than 1,000 people, Japanese media outlets are reporting.

Other companies who have been identified to shut down their operations because of these natural disasters were Honda, Hokuriku Electric Co., JX Nippon Oil & Energy Corp., Cosmo Oil Co. and more.



Gamestop gets another lawsuit.

I have run into this once or twice with Gamestop. You walk in, purchase a used game, get home and hop on the multilayer to realize you’ve been had. There is no code to get onto MP and there was no sticker to notify you that the title used a one time code. Better yet, you buy a new copy of Battlefield 2 and the game isn’t even wrapped. I have experienced all of these while shopping at Gamestop. Well apparently some people are fed up and are taking the retailer to the courts to duke it out.

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Our Favorite PR Manager Has Returned Already!!

This Press Release is a definite MUST READ!!!!

Congrats Aubrey, we wish you much success!!!
Official Press Release from Deep Silver


LARKSPUR, CA — February 16, 2010 – Deep Silver today announced that after a brief period of unemployment and a stint moonlighting as a one-legged rodeo mime, crackpot and absolute public relations travesty Aubrey Norris has accepted the company’s offer to continue work on their titles as their internal Manager of Marketing, PR and Coffee Cakes.

It gets better.. finish reading after the jump
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