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The PS Vita Rooms Party

Last week, I was invited to an exclusive PS Vita Rooms Party here in the UK, and to be honest, it’s taken me all this time to digest everything to do with the event.

The PS Vita Rooms Party took place on Tuesday, 17th of January at 63 Deansgate – a highly popular stretch of road situated bang smack in the heart of Manchester, the city belonging to two of the world’s most admired football/soccer teams: Manchester City and Manchester United.

With the location guaranteeing maximum exposure for the PS Vita events in the North West of England, thousands of gamers filtered through the doors over 7 days to catch a glimpse of the console that has caused a stir over recent months.

With the event consisting of approximately 30-35 playable PS Vitas on two floors, approximately 10+ ‘launch day’ games on display, a DJ, free food & drinks, developers, and exclusive PS Vita accessories being showcased – you knew that this party was the place to be!

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Help with Tsunami Relief on PSN

Besides supplies being donated by Sony to help with the relief effort, they have also made it possible for us to donate through the PlayStation Network and help those in need as well. To go about doing this, you will need to go into the new release section of the PlayStation Store and look for “Aid Japan”.

You will, then, be able to donate $2, $5, $10, $25 and $50 from your wallet, which will also net you a free theme (pictured above). Even if you didn’t get anything out of it, it is still important that we help those in need; despite racial, economical, religious, and social status. All funds from donations will go to American Red Cross – Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Fund. Every little bit will help!



Sony Factories Shut Down Due to Earthquake

Japan Tsunami
Today at 05:46:23 (UTC)/12:46 AM (EST), Japan was hit with a magnitude 8.9 earthquake, creating factories, among other infrastructures, to temporarily shut down.

According to the Kyodo news agency, Sony, who happens to be one of Japan’s mammoth exporters, had to shut down six of their factories as the earthquake caused fires and power failure in the northeast coast of the country. This earthquake will most certainly cause a humongous economic impact on Japan because of its damage to the factories.

On top of the earthquake, a tsunami came rolling in from the coasts of Japan, furthering the damage to the nation’s coastline. Reportedly, a 33 feet high tsunami hit the port of Sendai. The official death toll, so far, is more than 1,000 people, Japanese media outlets are reporting.

Other companies who have been identified to shut down their operations because of these natural disasters were Honda, Hokuriku Electric Co., JX Nippon Oil & Energy Corp., Cosmo Oil Co. and more.