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All things Demon's Souls Thread
3:45 pm
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Japanese, Korean and Chinese Versions ( Chinese + English ) Released February 5th, 2009 

North American Version Released October 6th, 2009

European Release date TBD

Demon's Souls is the latest Role Playing Game created by the famed niche Japanese development team "From Software," creators of such franchises as Armored Core, Tenchu, Otogi and Chromehounds, and is published by Sony Computer Entertainment. Created to be the spiritual successor to the infamous King's Field franchise also created by From Software, Demon's Souls brings hardcore RPG action to the PlayStation 3.


The game surrounds the search for power and prosperity of King Allant XII who channeled the power of souls. He brought unprecedented prosperity to his northern kingdom of Boletaria. That is, until a thick black fog covered the land's outskirts, cutting out the kingdom from the outside world. Those who entered the fog never returned. Vallarfax of the royal Twin Fangs broke free from the fog and told the world of Boletaria's plight. The aging King Allant XII had awakened the Old One, the great beast below the Nexus, from its eternal slumber and that a dark fog had swept in, unleashing soul-craving demons. The ones that lost their souls, also lost their minds. Chaos reigned, the mad attacking the sane. The Demons grow stronger and more powerful with each soul they devour. The legend was told from man to man, mighty warriors entered the cursed lands but none have returned.


Players can customize their own characters, setting the name, gender, hair style and other characteristics. Players face off against enormous beasts, making use of a variety of different weapons. There are several forms of magic that can be used in a defensive manner.

The hub world that takes place between missions is the Nexus, a small, town-like area where the player can interact with NPCs, shop, and store equipment. The actual game world is divided into five stages, accessible via portals. The first is Boletaria Palace, the ruins of the castle where Boletaria's ruler once lived. Second is the Stonefang Tunnel, a dwarven mine that was corrupted and overrun by goblin-like creatures. Third is the Tower of Latria, a dark, abandoned prison tower. Next is the Shrine of Storms, a cliffside ruin infested by the undead and besieged by flying creatures known as Storm Beasts. Last is the Valley of Defilement, a deep gorge in the Earth full of poisonous leeches, trolls, and sheer drops.

The game includes integrated online features. Players can find messages on the ground containing hints and advice that other players have left, as well as bloodstains where other players have died which allow them to view how those players' deaths occurred. Co-operative play allows up to four players to team up and play through different levels in the game. In competitive play, a player can force themselves into another player's adventure and play as their opponent.

Classes Vit Will End Str Dex Magic Faith Luck Starting Soul lv
Knight 10 11 11 14 10 10 11 7 4
Priest 13 11 12 13 8 8 13 8 6
Thief 10 13 10 9 14 10 8 15 9
Magician 9 15 10 9 11 15 6 11 6
Temple Knight 11 8 13 14 12 6 13 7 4
Soldier 14 9 12 12 11 8 10 10 6
Wanderer 10 10 11 11 15 9 7 13 6
Barbarian 15 7 13 15 9 11 8 11 9
Royalty 8 12 8 9 12 13 12 7 1
Hunter 12 10 13 11 12 8 8 12


Info taken from several Demon's Souls Wiki. Check out the most popular DS Wiki here.

3:54 pm
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[Image Can Not Be Found]

This is my character, Tears. Cool Wanderer currently level 111 and on NG+. Trying to achieve the 'Learn all magic' trophy. 2 spells away!

Here's my boss strategy for defeating the Adjudicator.

There’re two ways to bring this fat birdbrain to his knees. One way is to target the wounds on it’s belly and attack them until he falls to the ground. When this happens you can start slapping the bird on it’s head silly. Rinse and repeat. The AdJudicator is a slow enemy so dancing circles around it to avoid it’s attacks is pretty simple.
My way of defeating this boss isn’t as up close and personal. I discovered by running along the 2nd level with a bow equipped, you can target the bird nesting on top of the bosses’ head and fire arrows ( or magic ) at it. With a powerful bow you should do over 150 points of damage per hit and if you’re quick enough you can get 2 shots out before the boss tries to attack you. Doing this strategy, though, you have to carefully maneuver around the broken stairs. Don’t stay in one spot too long and stay on your feet for a successful victory.

Good Luck!

7:09 am
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This game had 70,000 preorders @ Amazon alone! With it being sold out at most offline retailers , I think it may have sold atleast 150k units on day one.

2:47 pm
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I definitley need to get this game, havve been following it for some time now, but since I got Uncharted 2 and now I pre ordered MW2 it\'s going to be a little tough.

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