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Black Ops Tips
10:48 am
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So I'm not one who plays a lot of FPS games, so maybe that's a good indication of why I'm starting this topic.  However, I do enjoy playing Black Ops online every now and then (I don't have internet at home, so I only get to play if I'm staying at someone's place who has it).  My friends and I get together to play online quite a bit too.  Honestly, I'm just tired of sucking tremendously.  Therefore, I'm just going to come out and ask for any tips any of you might have for playing shooters online.  I guess tips for Black Ops specifically would be good since that's pretty much the only one I play, but general tips work too.

4:39 am
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In general it's good to find a class which really suits you as a player. Whether a run-n-gun sniper or a camping submachine gunner, it's important to know how the different weapons work with all the perks and how that factors into your play style. In Black Ops the maps are smallish corridor filled death traps that are best handled with light, fast-paced classes (lightweight, marathon ((for getting back to your corpse in a hurry)), and sleight of hand) or if you're the cautious type..LMGs. Generally in Black Ops sniping is a bad idea as it's a high-risk low-pay the eighties...though when I first started Blops I found sniping to be pretty fun (until I craved lots of points...for some prestige action). 

General tips:
1) Keep your sensitivity'll last way longer and your partners will get more enjoyment out of your performance
2) Don't camp (excessively). You'll miss out on a lot of points...unless the other team is terrible...
3) Always have a super fast CTF run-n-rape will need it in Blops.
4) Always have a rage sniper try to get that onnnneeeee guy on the other team sitting at the back of the map with a trace on your face.
5) Tactical insertion.
6) Claymores are the floors and beware the blind corner.
7) Mute EVERYONE (unless they're friends, I guess...). You'll do better if you just listen to your surroundings.
8) Ghost pro is awesome...but just carry the law (missile launcher) and shoot down their everyone just uses the blackbird.
9) Play team tactical! ...small 4-8 person games...perfect for honing skills and not dying a lot.
10) Don't try to no scope. I know it looks cool but trust will just die.

11) Use the tomahawk. The most rewarding. Feeling. Ever. 

I'll walk you through some strategies for a map or two now...

Hanoi CTF: Let's say you spawn as the good start by the truck on the left side (relative to your position) of the map. Having lightweight, sleight of hand, and marathon equipped with the Mp5k (with rapid fire attached) and tactical insertion.. you run up the left flank towards the enemy flag, keeping to the shadows. There's almost always one or two dudes coming out towards you but they probably won't expect you to be there so soon (lightweight; marathon) so you can probably knife em or spray a few rounds from the Mp5k in their direction. Having taken out that guy you'll notice an archway just before the enemy flag..move from left to right, getting a sweeping glance of the courtyard with the well and the place your tactical insertion on the right side of the arch in the corner. Not seeing anyone you decide to make a dash for the flag...but you forgot about claymores! You die. You respawn and say "screw it!" you're going for the flag. You run to the flag and immediately turn around running as fast as you can back to your base where you (hopefully, if your flag hasn't been taken) cap the flag. Just do that three times and you've won!

Nuketown TDM: OK..if you play multiplayer for any amount of time you will play this map at least twice. It's super small and pretty fun. Any class is fine here...people everywhere...guaranteed kills. So Let's say you want to snipe...perks are ghost, sleight of hand, and ninja with the Dragunov and the ballistic knife (and the tomahawk). Let's assume you start at the green house (the one with the garden in the back) on the right side. First of all DON'T RUN STRAIGHT OUT. You will die. If you want to get close to the action with you knife/ tomahawk fine. Just run into the garage and wait a few seconds. After the series of explosions, run fast to to the right, between the truck and the bus, to the right side of the yellow house and get ready to snipe a guy or two down the alley. You kill one guy but get knifed by a dude jumping from the balcony overhead. You spawn on the left side of the green house and decide to be a bit more cautious this time. You go prone and hug the left wall of the house and aim your sights down the left side of the yellow house. You kill two unsuspecting guys running out from behind the yellow house but another dude runs out from behind the truck and you try to shoot him. You miss, stand up and run towards him with your knife out. You lunge! Miss. Dance and lunge again. Hit! But someone is trying to knife you in the back. The game glitches you a step ahead and you turn just in time to slice his throat! Now, facing the green house you spot an enemy spawn and run across the lawn behind the house. Feeling good about your so far four-kill streak you run after him without a second thought just dreaming of that inevitable napalm strike waiting for you. You run around the corner of the house thinking that you'll get an easy back stab only to find that the entire enemy team has spawned in the yard! You panic knife at one, it's a lunge and a miss, you know you can't survive so you turn to run, your sweaty thumb slips across the controller, switching to your sniper rifle as your turn around. You accidentally pull the trigger and bam! You kill a guy who was about to stab you. The alley is clear and you're almost around the corner so you to turn to face the horde in the yard, they're confused but angry for the loss of their men. One turns to you, you panic hip-fire, miss. You have to reload but you don't have time! You notice a couple of your teammates starting to clear the other side of the yard so you decide to pull out you knife and go for him! It's a face off between you and him. Animal rage and primal fear take over as you savagely, frantically click R3. Dancing for what seem to be an eternity you miss and miss again. Then your teammate sees your dilemma and shoots your foe down. But he wasn't alone! A straggler runs toward you from the shadow of the arbor, your heart leaps and you hit all the buttons at once as you squeeze the controller hard in your hands. You somehow manage to hit R3 at just the right moment and you watch in slow motion as your blades (both of them) sink into your enemy's throat and he sinks, lifeless to the dirt. You nod at your comrades, start to reload your rifle and turn around to run back out the alley and into another fight for your life when you remember your napalm strike (6 kill streak so far! woohoo!) as your thumb moves to 'right' on the d-pad you see something on the horizon. A whisper of a smoke trail and THUD! Cut down in your prime, one kill before the cobra by an errant noob tube. Thus is the story of Nuketown.



Hope you could understand any that and that it somehow helps you! Good luck out there!


(I prefer Killzone 3 ((It has offline botzone which sounds perfect for you))) 

4:41 am
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..any *of* that.. 

10:25 am
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lol cod. play better games like Killzone

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