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FFXIV Updates | Slow loading topic, lots of pics!
1:21 pm
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there is going to be much more soon. now that the alpha is rolling out, news will just be pouring.

7:44 am
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some spelling may be wrong as its translated from japanese.

Different Tribes


Nakahara people

Midlander Middoranda Midlander

Among the most populous Hyuran
Dominant majority tribe.
Living in towns and villages around,
Living rich in its diversity.
Become familiar with books since childhood
Because of customs,
Seems relatively thick layer of knowledge.


People of the Highlands

Highlands was a frontier territory to the north,
Among the big guy Hyuran ripped part of our family.
Aramigo after the fall of their city-state,
Other exiled mercenary man,
It is a sight not seen in other cities
Became rare.



People of the Sun

Seekers of the Sun Sanshika Seekers of the Sun
Themselves "people use the sun" called,
Mikotte part of the tribe.
Many believers of the sun god Azema,
Center of the daytime hours and activities.
Iris pale eyes and thin vertical
With an impressive second


Tsukuyomi people

Keepers of the Moon Keeper Keepers of the Moon Moon
Himself of the month" part of a tribe called Mikotte.
Many believers in God Menefina Mon, essentially nocturnal.
Many who are against giving a vivid face makeup.



People of the Plains

Plainsfolk Purenfoku Plainsfolk
Lived in thatched-roofed dwellings built in the basement led to the nest of ants
"People of the Plains" called Raraferu part of the tribe.
And flaxen hair and green leafy plants like.
Large ears and ears with a faint footsteps of the moles.


People of the Desert

Dunesfolk Dyunfoku Dunesfolk
Moved his residence to live in a large animal's back,
Lived while moving the sand
"People of the Dunes" called
Raraferu part of the tribe.
The pupil was covered with a thin
Features such as eyes and glass beads,
The amount of the paste MOOGLEel that represents the stars accommodation



People of the Forest

Forester Forester Forester
Hundreds of years,
Lived deep in the forest and thick Aoi
Erezen part of the tribe.
Proud of the farsightedness of the falcon No如Ki,
To excel in archery.
Today, those who adapt to the city and
Many who returned to the nomadic life in the plains


Black Shadow People

Shader Shader shaders
Hundreds of years,
Dark limestone cave has been based in
Erezen part of the tribe.
Developed ears like a bat, the
In the衣擦Re hear about the enemy
There are those who are naturally skilled in the art of fighting.
Becoming a thief in the middle of modern
The person who has been a cave dwelling,
The Forrester family in contempt as a traitor.



Beiyang people

Seewolf Zevorufu Seewolf
Descend from northern pirates "wolves of the sea" as
Rugadin part of the tribe was feared.
Today many who also work as a seaman or sailor


People of the Red Flame.

Lohengarde Roengarude Lohengarde
The crater is believed to dwell near the gates of purgatory
"Gentlemen of Fire" called Rugadin part of the tribe.
Rugadin as well as physically robust,
It also has the magical quality of the training for fire walking

9:12 am
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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I can't wait. Idk, I can't even find words to explain it lol...

2:55 pm
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better translation



* Majority of Hyuran, which is has large population.
* They live in different towns and villages,and their vocations vary.
* Because of the custom of reading books from the early age, they tend to have relatively bigger percentage of intelligence.


* They used to live in highlands in northern margin. Highlanders are muscular and big for Hyuran. It became very rare to see them except mercenary males in other cities, after their state city Ala Mhigo fell.


Seekers of the Sun

* They are a tribe of Miqo’te who calls themselves “The apostle of the Sun.”
* Most of them believe in the Sun God Arzema, and are active basically during daytime.
* They have impressive eyes which is vertically big with pale iris.

Keeper of the Moon

* They are a tribe of Miqo’te who calls themselves “The guard of the Moon.”
* Most of them believe in the Moon Goddess Menefina, and are basically nocturnal.
* Majority of them has vivid makeup for battle on their faces.



* They are a tribe of Lalafell who used to live in thatched roofed houses which are connected in basement like nests ofants.
* Their hair color is olive or flaxen. They have big ears so that they can hear footsteps of moles.


* They are a tribe of Lalafell who used to move around deserts in movable housings with large livestock. 
* Their pupils are covered with thin film and that makes their eyes look like glass.
* They put treasure beads which show fate of constellation on their foreheads.



* They are a tribe of Elezen who has lived in a thick forest for hundreds of years.
* They have amazing farsightedness like a hawk, and are very good archer.
* Nowadays, quite a few of them adapted city lives or went back to nomadic life in plains.


* They are a tribe of Elezen who has lived in dim limestone caves for hundreds of years.
* Their hearing which is as acute as that of bats can even hear the rustle of enemy. Therefore, many are good at martial arts.
* Nowadays, some keep on living in caves and are almost like bandits. They despise Forester as betrayers.


* Seawolf (German pronouciation)
* The tribe of Roegadyn once feared as pirates that attacked from the northern sea and earned themselves the title, "Wolves of the sea."
* It is still common for them to be employed as sailors and navy.
* Tribe of the scarlet flame, Lohengarde
* This Roegadyn tribe lives near a volcano opening and are known as the "Guardians of the flame."
* Not only strong in body, their training to resist fire has also given them great magic strength.

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