Have PS3Blog.net Host A Giveaway For You

On the home page & every single blog post there will be a mini banner (620 x 40) at the top of the page above the fold, so it gets great exposure. Click here for a screenshot of how it would look. We also create a bigger banner for use in the post announcing the giveaway which is 620 x 200. This same image gets used in the featured news on the home page at the top.

The way we handle giveaways is very different from other sites. But in a very good way!

On the post announcing the giveaway we have button to follow you on Twitter or like your page on Facebook for points that they can actually use towards entries in the giveaway.

Our members use points that they earn by being active on the site or by liking/following you on Facebook & Twitter to buy a least 1 ticket into the giveaway. After that they have access to extra entires such as sharing about the giveaway on Facebook & Twitter. Which they get a extra entry into the giveaway and earn points at the same time. Plus expose your giveaway to even more people.

We can provide you with a unique bonus url that you could share on your Facebook page, Twitter or anywhere you’d like. If people click this link and have at least 1 ticket and are logged into PS3Blog.net they get a extra entry into your giveaway. Pretty slick eh?

There is a live countdown to the giveaway end date/time. So gives those entering a sense of urgency to get all their entires in.

This is the WordPress plugin that handles the giveaway system which Tosh Hatch (owner of PS3Blog.net) has created. So if you want it for your own WordPress site, you can snag it there.