INVERSUS Coming To PS4 Next Month


Indie studio Hypersect is getting ready to unleash INVERSUS on PlayStation 4 next month! This fast-paced shooter allows 1 to 4 players (either locally or online) to get crazy in a game where they can only move in the space of the color opposite to their own. Every time someone shoots, the tiles flip color and madness ensues! There’s even a single player (and a co-op) mode available in the game, so if you’re into playing on your own or playing with other people, this is definitely a game to watch.

Check out the game’s trailer below to see why this indie release has gotten our attention.

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Weekly Recap – July 18 to July 24

Weekly Recap Header

Welcome to the weekly recap! Missed any of our posts from the last week? Click after the break to check all our posts that went live during the previous seven days.

For the last weekly recap, you can click here.

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PS4BlogCast Episode 216

Welcome back to the podcast where this week the crew goes over some announced release dates as well as discuss cross platform gaming potential.

SDCC was over the weekend, and there usually isn’t a lot of gaming news out of it but there were some panels with some game developers. There were also a lot of trailers that were shown, and I have to say I really liked what I saw for Wonder Woman and Justice League. Lets just hope they take the right lessons from BvS into that set of films.

The biggest release this week has to be I Am Setsuna. I haven’t picked it up but Isli has been enjoying it so far. What about you? Did you pick up I Am Setsuna? Or are you just waiting for No Man’s Sky? Let us know in the comments below!


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Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV – New Trailer

Square Enix has released a new trailer for Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV! Come catch a glimpse at the overall story for this film, which will be available in theaters in North America on August 19!

Kingsglaive stands on its own and can be enjoyed without knowledge of the previous games. But if you play Final Fantasy XV there are many references in the game that you wouldn’t necessarily understand without watching the film. Kingsglaive depicts the events that lead into the game’s story, starting with the main character — Prince Noctis’ father, King Regis — fighting the enemy Empire.

What did you think of the new trailer? Are you going to be watching the movie in theaters? Will you be waiting for its Blu Ray release? Are you watching it in theaters and have already pre-ordered the limited edition of Final Fantaxy XV to secure your Blu Ray copy? Let us know in the comments below!

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