PS3BlogCast Episode 170

Welcome back to another episode of the podcast. This week it was slow again on the news front, so after we get done with what there was we have a chance to play Box Art Description Trivia which is fun.

Summer Games Done Quick went on for the past week and I’ve been going back through the archive and watching some select runs. I always find it crazy seeing some of the glitches that are found in my favorite games. Though I’m more impressed by speed runs that are just technical, such as a Mario 64 run.

Have you guys been watching any of the videos at all? Which ones have been your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!


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[Review Revisited] One of the best games in the PS3 library: Rayman Legends


Rayman Legends is a 2D platformer that features the iconic Rayman character. In this game, you follow Rayman and his friends in the Glade of Dreams as they save the Teensies!

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The Castle Game Launches on PlayStation 4 on August 4th!

The Castle Game

Neptune Interactive Inc. got in touch with us to mention that their first PlayStation 4 release is ready to go! The Castle Game is a clever entry in the tower defense genre that provides a good mix of attack and defense tactics and mechanics for players to make the most of their time in every run.

Ayngaran Vamatheva from Neptune Interactive Inc. had this to say about the game:

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N++ Now Available On PS4!

Indie studio Metanet has proudly released N++ on PlayStation 4! This action/puzzle platformer will keep you busy for a ton of hours thanks to the thousands of levels included in the game’s single player, co-op and competitive modes. And if you think that’s not enough content, players will also be able to design their own levels and upload them for the world to play them!

We’re working on a review for N++, but so far our short review is “Buy it now!”

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