Soul Axiom Coming To PS4 In June

Soul Axiom

Wales Interactive got in touch with us to talk a bit about Soul Axiom, a game they will finally release this June on PlayStation 4. The exact release date is June 7, and the game will be available for £15.99, $19.99, €19.99, but for a limited time at launch you can get it with a 10% discount, and if you have a PS+ subscription, you can take an extra 15% discount on top of that!

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[Beyond PlayStation] Paranautical Activity

Beyond PlayStation - Paranautical Activity

Paranautical Activity hit Kickstarter in 2013 with a $10,000 goal which in the end was met with an extra $2,500 to spare. The game has since been released on Steam and PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, and it has finally made the transition to Wii U – a perfect game for the platform. Paranautical Activity is a first person roguelike shooter, which means that when you die you’re done… anything you collect or purchase is all gone. It is a tough and challenging game to play, and a difficult one to put down!

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Kick & Fennick Coming Soon To PS4


Abstraction Games got in touch with us to mention they’ll be publishing Kick & Fennick from Jaywalkers soon on PlayStation 4! This platformer was originally released on PS Vita but is now almost ready to shine on your PlayStation 4. Check out the teaser trailer below for a look at the main characters of this release, and be sure to click after the break to learn more about the story of this game as well as to check some screens!

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[PlayStation 4 Tower Defense Review] McDroid

McDroid Review

McDroid is a cute cel-shaded Tower Defense game. You play as a quirky little robot who has found his home planet absolutely crawling with unwanted guests, and your mission is to help the little guy save his planet from the ugly nasties! Unfortunately, not all of them are little, as you’ll soon discover!

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