[PS3 Review] Yakuza 5

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After three long years of waiting, Yakuza 5 has finally been released in North America for PlayStation 3! Yes, it has been that long, but the wait was worth it. Right from the start you can tell that the switch to a new engine has really been great for the game – everything looks and feels more vibrant, more alive. Those of you that played Yakuza 4 are in for a treat since the story for Yakuza 5 picks up soon after the events of the previous game in the long-running series.

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New Trailer For Street Fighter V Free Cinematic Expansion

Street Fighter V

We all knew that Street Fighter V was going to get DLC, so it’s great to know that CAPCOM is planning a Cinematic Expansion DLC release for the game that will be FREE! The events showcased in this DLC take place between Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter III. Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think about it!

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[Vita Review] Baseball Riot

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Baseball Riot is the direct sequel of Tennis in the Face, a physics-based puzzle release. I purchased Tennis in the Face when it was on sale last year, and I had a LOT of fun playing all the levels and getting all its trophies!

In Baseball Riot, 10tons software let go of the Tennis Player, and are now telling the story of Gabe Carpaccio, a retired baseball player who got a “ball to the knee” and is now on his a quest to save his team from the power of Explodz, an evil drink everyone is addicted to.

Take note that this game is Cross-Buy, and that means a single purchase unlocks the PS4 and Vita versions!

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Saturday Morning RPG Out Today

Saturday Morning RPG

Mighty Happy Rabbits got in touch with us to announce that they’re releasing Saturday Morning RPG today as a cross-buy PlayStation 4 and Vita release. This one originally released on Steam as an episodic JRPG, but now PlayStation owners get to enjoy the four available episodes along with the debut of episode 5! And if you’re into buying physical copies of games, you should be ready because on Friday a very limited run of PS4 and PS Vita physical copies for Saturday Morning RPG will be made available at Limited Run.

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