[Review Rewind] Retro City Rampage

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After being in development for 10 years, indie developer Brian Provinciano finally released Retro City Rampage, a retrotastic game that feels like a love letter to the games and culture of the 80s and 90s. With a rich mich of main and side missions, great humor and tight gameplay mechanics, Retro City Rampage managed to score high, earning a 95%.

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Awesome Flash Sale Available at the PSN Store!

Flash Sale - March 2015

Have you been waiting for a chance to use every last cent in your PSN account? Then you’re going to love the Flash Sale that has gone live at the PSN store!

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PS3Blog.net’s Top 10 Best RPGs for the Playstation Vita – Part 1


Earlier last month, the Playstation Vita hit his third birthday! Many people thought that this game console was doomed from the start (it IS effectively performing less than the 3DS), but it still does have a huge game library spanning almost every game style!

This week, we wanted to do a Top 10 of what were our best RPGs for this console, since there are so much to play on the Vita! This is the first part of this Top 10, and next week will be the Top 5 RPGs!

Keep in mind that the individual scores of the few games we reviewed here does not necessarily correspond to the order of the games listed here. This list is ordered with our global appreciation of each RPG!

So, without further introduction, here is the first part of our Top 10 best RPGs!
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Child of Light Coming To Retail On Vita

Child of Light - 1

Ubisoft’s excellent RPG Child of Light is coming to retail on PS Vita. The game will be released on March 24 at retailers in North America, so be sure to reserve a copy before it’s too late because this will surely be available as a limited print run!

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