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PS3 Community Info |

To get started, register for the site. It’s free, and only takes about a minute. Be sure to add what games you play, as well as your PSN ID if you’d like. The same log-in information can be used in the Forum as well. Registering also gets your forum replies and topics up faster, so you can receive a faster response to any inquiries.

If you’re interested in posting news on just let me know in this forum topic. If you’d like, you can start out posting Quick News to get comfortable first.

You can also earn points on, which are mainly used for Giveaways on the site, so make sure you are constantly earning points! For the many ways of earning points, check out this page, which I’ll keep updated as new website features are implemented. You can also see the points everyone on the site has earned as well.

Best place to hit after the home page is the Global Activity Page. This shows all the member activity, including blog posts, comments, updates, group activity/creation, etc. You can also filter the results for easy viewing by using the drop down box.

You can also embed video and images in the community part of the site. For more info on how to do that check out this post.

After that, stop by the Community Forum to see if there is anything new, or, better yet, add a reply or create a new topic. This is a great place to post any issues you have with your console, or any tricks to use in certain games, or just random discussion. We also have a small but steadily growing Help Video page.

Be sure to check out our Store, too, which helps fund future Giveaways, which include things like free memorabilia, free accessories, or even a free game!”