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[Vita Review] Heroes of Loot: A Surprinsingly Fun Dungeon Crawler!


Heroes of Loot is an 8-bit-esque arcade dungeon crawler where you must get the farthest possible in while destroying hordes of enemies and collecting a ton of gold and items dropped by the monsters. Read below to see what we thought of this game!

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[PS Vita review] Gunslugs

Gunslugs - D

Gunslugs is a highly addictive, retro-inspired, rogue-like, scrolling action shooter which really has almost everything you want in a good game! A big cast of unlockable characters, screen filling end bosses, a nice variety of weapons, drivable tanks, jetpacks, hidden worlds, princesses, armor shop, white wizards, nerds with handhelds, rain, snow, hell, hellworms, sandworms, train rides and soooo much more! The game comes with a thumping soundtrack from legendary chiptune artist Gavin Harrison, leaderboards, trophies, cloud saving, and superb controls.

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