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Game of Thrones 64 Page HC Artbook Free with Game Pre-order

“ATLUS, in collaboration with Cyanide Studios, today unveiled a limited pre-order bonus art book for “Game of Thrones™,” the upcoming RPG based on the internationally bestselling book series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin and the critically acclaimed HBO® television series, Game of Thrones.”

The book looks beautiful and will be a must have for all Game of Thrones fans. The game itself is also shaping up to look very good.

“Game of Thrones: Visuals from the RPG” will only be available in limited quantities from Amazon (US and Canada), GameStop, EB Games, and the HBO Shop®. You can pre-order directly from any of them here, or better yet pre-order from our own Amazon page here!

Hit the jump for more info and a preview of this great looking book!
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[Review] Trine 2

The three main characters in Trine 2 are icons in the gaming industry. They represent to us, gamers, the mysterious dungeons, the prized weapon at the end of a painful quest, and above all, the classic old school RPG that we all adore. However, Trine 2 is NOT an RPG. It’s best described as a side-scrolling action adventure/puzzler/platformer/ … OK, so Trine 2 might not have a definitive nature, or a remarkable story, but I’ll tell you what it does have: lots of charm, sharp controls, and some of the most beautiful visuals I’ve seen. Surprisingly, that combination works!

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[Review] Persona 2 – Innocent Sin (PSP)

The story takes place in Sumaru City, Japan, population 1,280,000. Its protagonist attends Seven Sisters High School (“Sevens” for short), whose emblem is considered a status symbol even amongst students from other schools.

Soon, though, a rumor that Sevens emblem was actually cursed, and that wearing it would disfigure one’s face, had spread around the city. Even worse, the rumor came true… And it was only the beginning of a string of rumors becoming reality, one after another…

Before long, the protagonist discover the power to summon another side of them called “Personas”, which they use to investigate the strange incidents around the city, all while facing their own personal demons as well.

Time is once again on the march…

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Game of Thrones RPG Trailer

Here is the first trailer for the upcoming RPG based on the internationally bestselling book series “A Song of Ice and Fire” by George R. R. Martin and critically acclaimed HBO television series, Game of Thrones.
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