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New Persona Titles Announced

Atlus just announced 4 new persona titles coming next year in what is shaping up to be the Year of Persona.

The major announcement was Persona 5 coming to PS3 end of 2014…. Yay! There are some that might say “why not PS4′”, but my guess is that the game has probably been in development for quite some time now, and also the PS3 has a bigger install base. Lets also not forget that P4 was released on PS2 at at ime when the PS3 was already in stores.

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[Vita Review] Persona 4: Golden

Inaba—a quiet town in rural Japan. A normal teenager arrives at the station to begin his year-long stay in the countryside, only to be welcomed by the news of a dead TV announcer. Shortly after, another body appears, mysteriously hung from the top of a telephone pole. The cause of death is unknown, with no leads on the suspect… As the peaceful community is thrown into turmoil, the urban youth and his classmates wander into a strange, surreal place covered by a thick fog…

Persona 4: Golden is a Japanese-RPG for the Playstation Vita developed by Atlus. This game is an enhanced port of “Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4″, a Playstation 2 game that was released in 2008.

This is the first game in the “Persona” series I ever played, and I’m very impressed by its huge scale -the story runs for almost a full year- and its very solid RPG mechanics. I’m around 50 hours in the game, haven’t finished my first playthrough yet, and I’m still amazed by how fun each moment spent in this game is!

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[PSP Review] Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time

Never before released outside of Japan (where it is known as Growlanser IV: Over Reloaded) and widely considered the best entry in the long-running franchise, this PSP system iteration of the fourth chapter in the Growlanser saga tells of a land — once rich with culture and technology — long ago nearly obliterated by evanescent divine entities. Blending a sprawling 40+ hour narrative with over 40 different possible endings; deep tactical RPG mechanics; the character designs of the legendary Satoshi Urushihara; and a host of enhancements over the original release, Wayfarer of Time continues the proud ATLUS tradition of epic adventures set in breathtaking worlds.

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Persona 4 Golden Pre-Order Bonus Announced!

Atlus has sent word about a nice pre-order bonus for those that will be buying Persona 4 Golden… a Vita skin! But wait, there is more! You will also get 8 wallpapers that ooze style, and will match your new Vita skin, as seen above.

Persona 4 Golden will be released on November 20, 2012, and will retail for only $39.99.


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