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Skyrim Update is Live on the PSN

The Skyrim 1.2 update is now live on the PSN, and we can all get back to playing it… forever.

UPDATE 1.2 NOTES (all platforms unless specified)
Here’s the most important one, with the rest after the jump!
Improved occasional performance issues resulting from long term play (PlayStation 3)
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Rage Demo Coming to the PSN; Rage on Sale for $29.99 on Black Friday

Bethesda has announced that a RAGE demo will be available on December 6th on the PSN. The press release stated:

The Ghost Clan, a cult of murderous fanatics, has infiltrated the waterworks beneath the town of Wellspring with plans to poison the water supply. You are the only one with the weapons, talent and courage to stop them. While in Wellspring, you can also meet the townsfolk, try your hand in games of skill and chance, peruse the wares of the local vendors or hit the Speedway for some racing.

So it looks like there will be one pretty good mission, as well as a chance at walking around the town and even a race to demo. This should give you a good feel for this great game. If you’d like to read more about the game, check out my review of Rage here.

Also, if you don’t want to wait, I’d suggest picking up RAGE on Black Friday, because it will be for a sale price of $29.99 at GameStop and other select retailers. Trust me, once you play the demo, you’ll regret not picking it up while it was on sale.


Skyrim Patch due Next Week

Bethesda PR boss Pete Hines has let us know that a patch for Skyrim will launch the week beginning Monday November 28th, pending certification with Sony.

He said that this patch will improve performance for “long-term play on PS3”, which should fix the reported bug in which the save file becomes so big that the game won’t play with out a system reset. I haven’t ran into it myself, or even talked to anyone who has, but I’m glad it is being fixed for those that have.


The World of Skyrim from Bethesda

This new video offers a sneak peek at the majestic world and colorful characters you’ll find while exploring in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

11/11/11 will be here in less than three days!! I can’t wait.


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